AoE2 DE on Linux

Linux is a very popular system. And today Linux can run an almost all software. I personally have a big experience with using Linux for job (CRM 1C, video surveillance, connection via LAN with different OS, and office soft of course) and for entertrainment as well. Almost all the games for windows perfectly fine works on the Linux. For you to know i will list all games that works on Linux (tested by me and others):
AoE2 HD, AoE2 + voobly, WololoKingdoms, EpicGames, Satisfactory, Metro (not all tested), Civilization (4-6 tested), World of Warships, World of Tanks, all Source engine games, Overwatch, Witcher, Battlefields, Elder Scrolls, Fallouts, etc.
During a beta testing i wanted to run the AoE2 DE on the Linux but it didnt work. Other players had the same error.

So i have a question. Will the AoE2 DE be working on the Linux? If someone can share theirs tricks to force this game start on the Linux, please describe the steps right here. If not possible its a total shame for developers and Microsoft. Double shame, because they are keep the old engine with the single threading! but they removed the support of the Linux.


Sorry pal but you know this is microsoft.

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While i’m aware that there never will be a official Linux version i would be very happy to see a official linux version (i know that this is a microsoft game, but let me dream :wink: )

But there never was a Linux version of AoE2-HD, the reason you can play this on linux is proton (build in steam). Think of it like a emulator. But proton need some changes to also can run AoE-2DE (a least i hope that this is possible).
No one removed the linux support, the emulator is just not capable of running it at the moment.
(and yes i know, wine is not aa emulator)

Neither AoE2 HD nor Voobly was made for Linux. But they are working just fine.
My guess is that AoE2 DE cant start because there is no XBox support on Linux and there is no videoplayer to play intro.

They just run because you are using proton or wine. You can not run a windows binary native on Linux.
You can track the progress of proton on aoe2de here:

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I know, and as i said, i have expirience with the wine. Good to see proton devs are working on it.

These instructions made it usable for me the video was helpful.

Not had much time to play it but at least the game works and people are saying performance is good.

Would be nice If Microsoft could fix these issues so it just works on protondb though.