AoE2 DE Start-Random-Rated-Game feature?

Dear devs, I love AoE2 and have for many many years. I bought the HD version on steam and was crushingly disappointed to find no start-random-rated-game option, and no clear leaderboard. Multiplayer consisted of jumping into random rooms and getting kicked out because they were waiting on friends, or something like that. That system is intolerable. Please PLEASE let me know if the most essential thing to me will be there: a Start-Random-Rated-Game feature. I just want to turn on the game, and click to be matched with a stranger near my rating. This is make or break for me. I purchased the game several times over the years. I beg you, in return, can you just give me an honest answer? Will this feature be there in the definitive edition?


Welcome on the forum. I can say that it is implemented in AOE DE, but it does still need work and improvement. So they are definitely working on that part. I love the way DOTA handles this, same for the real-time stats part and history including watch back of all your played games.

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Thanks so much for the response! I’ll check again after release before buying. If you are correct, and the multiplayer is implemented adequately, I will be so so happy…