Aoe2 DE team's response to map pool complaints

i made it just for fun, pls dont ban me xD


this. is. ■■■■■■■. ART.
Great work, man.


Haha spot on! These devs are ruining AoE2. Give us the ■■■■ freedom to choose which maps we want to play not which maps to ban.

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You guys can choose whatever map you’d like. In unranked.
(It’s funny cause it’s true)


Yeah because who needs fair matches? …

It’s sad but the devs have managed to create a system in 2019 with less freedom than it had in 1999.

At least give me a ranked lobby before you start ■■■■■■■ i n g around.

Have you tried playing in unranked? There’s no ELOs and even if there was you want to play a game for something. When I win points against my opponents it satisfies my soul. I want ranked play where I can select all the maps I’m willing to play. That’s the most democratic solution. If people like playing other maps they can select them. This is a game. Don’t force us to play maps we don’t want.

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I like the new map pool, there’s a lot of people that enjoy Black Forest, great team games to be had there, so dont act like you speak for all people. Arena as well. And Team Islands for some water warfare is great too.

Also, there aren’t enough players to add all maps to matchmaking and being able to choose the single map that you like, you’d most likely wait forever for a match with another player choosing specifically the very


there are certainly more people than in voobly and there is no problem about lack of players there.

The point is that the people who dislike the new map pool for ranked to the extent that they actually think that the previous mappool was MORE competitive (11111111) BELONG in unranked.

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You must be a noob. BF is cancer. It’s akin to playing tic tac toe. It’s not fun once you’re older than 5 because you know what to expect. If you like BF why not just play DeathMatch?

Your point about waiting is invalid. If a user wants to play a game as quickly as possible, they can select all maps. However, if they’re willing to wait, it’s their prerogative to only select the map that they would like. I’d much rather wait an extra 5 minutes than get stuck playing BF when I only get to play 1 or 2 games every couple of days. This map pool is making the experience less fun because you don’t enjoy half the games. Watch Hera’s video on the new map pool. He straight up just says C it out. Don’t play it. I agree. It’s not fun for more experience players.

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Thats just straight up BS. Like it or not, BF is one of the most competitve TG maps out there and it’s also the most played TG map by far on voobly. There are plenty of good competitve 18++ TGs on this map, where you get very good games, that aren’t campy at all. Nowadays the meta is to go for rushes, where you have a huge variety of different strategies (from rush, sneak archers to FI, smush etc. pretty much everything is viable) and not just wall and boom. You’re probly just an unexperienced arbia peasant, but well.


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i didnt want to post any comment on this thread after uploading the video, but just to make it clear i have to xD
no one ( in the video ) mentioned anything about the new map pool being worse than the previous one. yes its alot better, but still far from what it should be. for starters, mega random as a competitive map?! come on you have to atleast give me that! a map with 100% random elements that you can never prepare for
we all know BF team games are a fan favorite map altho it had almost 0 appearance in the competitive scene ( tournaments ) , but the important part is many people love this map and they play it super serious. so yes adding BF to the map pool is a good idea AS LONG AS its only for team games. even the BF lovers know 1v1 BF is not the best setup for a ranked game! a guy can just make 20 layers of wall in a choke point, and you have almost no option to punish him and you are forced to only fight in imperial. its more of a meme than a competitive game set. ( as you can see the videos about fatslob legend on t90’s youtube ) so why should we have it in our 1v1 map pool?!
that right there is 2 wasted bans on 2 maps that are not even supposed to be in the competitive map pool ( for 1v1 ) . the purpose of banning system is to let the players ban the maps which they are not strategically comfortable or prepared to play on. not to ban the maps which are not meant for 1vs1s. specially when the map pool is covering almost every map type in the game. open maps, closed maps, water maps, nomad maps. not everyone can master all type of maps, even on the highest level of aoe2 you frequently hear " nicov is better on water maps than rest of the AfterMath team " , " hera is better on open maps " , " mbl doesnt like nomad " etc etc etc. so what do you expect from us?! ofc we need all of our 3 bans atleast for the 1v1 ( not to mention how frustrating team games can be with only 1 or 0 bans )
the least thing they can do is to show player’s elo on the unranked lobbies so atleast people can get balanced games there IF they are done with the ranked system. without elo visibility you are encouraging noob bashing
as i said in the caption of this thread, i made it just for fun, and i know the whole DE team are doing their best for fixing everything in the game, from performance to map pool. but people ( sometimes including me ) are getting frustrated over many things about this game, so i thought maybe i can make something to make both sides laugh. but as i can see in this comment section, people are fighting about it for some reason :smiley:


My point is still valid. You enjoy BF I don’t. Let players choose which maps they want to play. If you like BF, and your forced to play Arabia, you’re likely not happy either. However, I am curious in a 1v1 how would you stop me from playing like FatSlob and turning the game into an hour plus imperial age camp war?

Woah, take it easy little warrior.

Put all the maps in the pool. Simply as that.

Easy. Its all about decision making and seeing how he reacts and there you have to be extremly fast, pretty much in the first seconds you have to decide if you send vills to wall or not, the standard here is to go with 2, while producing 1 vill and then loom, with this style you wont have idle time (you do loom though). Classic fatslob behaviour is going fwd with 3 vills and instant loom, means he could win the vill war, but there are still possiblities to quickwall and get good fwd walls. In any case the fatslob strategy accepts, that you do early loom and have the tc idle for at least 1 vill afterwards. Depending on the walls and the size of the gap i would then decide, if i go for men@arm towers (if it goes well i would follow this up with FI monks or some other sort of FI, depending on the civ and on the space/resource distribution) or for 3 tc boom into onager cut. It all depends on how heavy he walls and how he reacts, 1 workshop, 1 monastry mango monk push with eco is also possible. But if i would really play vs fatslob i would very likely completly ignore him (no loom boom) and go for onager and push. In general onager pushing is way better than it used to be before DE, not just because onagers can cut already and not just SO, but because you can shift queue cutting now, which makes it possible to cut at several places contemporaneously.
In general a fatslob strategy should never work, you simply give up too much momentum.

This is what I’ve been trying to explain to people for so long, but most people are too stubborn and/or unexperience to understand anything.


also nice vid

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I’m going to challenge this. What’s your name in DE? Let’s play an unranked game and I’m going to make you wish they never invented a BF map. I can easily counter everything you suggested.

Even if you were right why would not just want to play Arabia? BF just provides players with less skill a lot more flexibility to stay alive.

At least players would have the option to either play a map they want and wait longer for a game or get a match more quickly and play on a number of different maps. No one has made a valid point against letting users select all the maps they are willing to play on.

This!!! I’m probably between noob/inter and sometimes I join “noobs only FFA” and I stomp them without realizing that there are several noob layers 11
I mean, I’m not a pro or anything but there are some guys that cant even beat AI on hard