Aoe2 DE team's response to map pool complaints

Your point about waiting is invalid. If you are right and people just want to play ASAP, they can select all maps. The rest of us should be given the prerogative to wait. This is basic logic.

You’re also killing off the diversity in the community that comes with people who find settings they really like and turn into legends like the legend of FatSlob. We want a way to play our settings in a rated mode.

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The ranked system has tried to give all players a chance to play their map on ranked but still no prioriticing it, just by someone banning 4 maps the waiting time increases exponentially. As I said before, you have a way of playing whatever map you want, just make a lobby and state you level in the title. As for ranked if you are note ready to be versatile i assume this game isnt for you. You are more than welcome to play voobly. One last thing you probably do ignore on the matchmaking, there is a 5 minute mark where under it games are levelled, over it you just try to get an opponent whoever he is. Once on the 200 top or less its takes most of the time more than 5 minutes it simply isnt viable.

As i said if you dont have an argument other than but i want to play exactly what i want and it has to be ranked. Then i sont think you understand the ranking moddel

You have failed to make a counter argument against my proposal of having players select maps they are willing to play instead of banning. If users want a game asap they will select all maps. Literally nothing will change for the community besides they will be matched with people who only want to play popular maps more often. Nothing wrong with that. We should not have to sacrifice freedom of choice just to be like other games when there’s no tangible benefit. If they want to encourage players to try maps they don’t like, you can adjust the ELO system to award more points and lose less points when you play maps that you don’t normally play.

You don’t have the ability to play the settings you want in a rated mode today. The unranked lobby doesn’t have ELOs so there’s no way to ensure balanced games and to ensure that players who come are the level they say they are. It’s also more fun to play for points. Unranked lobby is pointless for competitive play. They should just have a lobby with the ability to make the game rated or not.

We don’t have to chose matchmaking or rated lobbies. There’s still a huge community not playing DE. It will be the best ROI for Microsoft if they offer the best of all worlds and unit te community. More streamers, more tournaments, more competitive play in DE will mean more new players buying DE. If the matchmaking proponents are right, then most players will gravitate towards that, if they’re wrong then most people will use the lobby. We don’t need to have this false dichotomy forced on us. There’s enough players for ranked lobbies and matchmaking and we should make the matchmaking changes suggested above.

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If i hacent repeated enoguh times the time point… players will ban4 maps and not understand why they cant find a match and simply quit, same the the ones who only select lets say bf on 1v1. Less quantity of choice but more quality. Besides spamplaying just 1 map is braking the elo system so for you having fun in one map, when you decide to play others maps you will aimply get steam rolled ruining both players experience. I dont know if you really have thought the elo map point multiplier you said there but it is simply absurd and easily abusable to smurf.

Most f the community that doesnt play de is either they crash or their pc is not good enough. This gane has such a game curve that it has a very small niche. Just look at the simple fact that most of the people who watch aoe dont even play it. If you start trying to fragmentate beacuase as i said before you want to play whatever you want and it has to be ranked, its simply ridiculous. On that base we could also include cba on the same pool

Ok you’re not understanding what I’m proposing. There would be no map banning. Only selecting all maps that one would be willing to play. The default setting is all maps would be selected. Your scenario is impossible.

If 1 person only wanted to play Arabia and 1 person only wanted to play BF, yes they’d not match and potentially have to wait longer, but that is their prerogative. Most people would rather wait longer to play the settings of their choice. If you like playing all maps then you will have no difference in your wait time.

The only point you make that has some validity is the inflated ELO for map specialists; however, that doesn’t matter. It’s much better to allow players to have freedom of choice in ranked play. You could have some BF, Islands, or Arena only players that have a high ranking, but I don’t see why that matters. Allow users to see their profiles and show what maps they play on. Or even on the leader board you could even show most played map and the % of the time they play that map. Ultimately this doesn’t matter unless you think MS will be showering the top leaderboard players with flower petals in the streets.


To further my point above about map specialists on the leaderboard, everyone will know who the top players not from the leaderboard but major tournaments casted by streamers. Ranked play is fun way for the community to find competitive games quickly with the settings they want and there should be some award (pts) for winning. We don’t need some purist system as if this ELO has any real importance other than matchmaking.

Sorry to break it to you, but you’re not going to get a job promotion or get a girlfriend because your ELO.

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Why don’t they just copy voobly, people have been using that for year and years and it works. Don’t make everything so complicated, just replicate the voobly system and watch everyone band together and switch over to DE. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel devs, you did great on updating the graphics and quality of life enhancements, now just port over the voobly way of doing this, which has evolved and been tweaked for YEARS by the players themselves. What is so bad about specifying the type of game you want and having people join it? It is faster than sitting in the que for five minutes and then quitting the game because its a map you hate and sitting in the que another five minutes. Because that is what is happening now.


i am also asking the same question… i never have to wait longer than 3-4 min on voobly for a match.

Go this poll and vote

Actually, I’ve thought about it, if they just put the map pool back to the same maps they had on initial release, I could live with it. Most people at my level also hate water so no one usually builds many boats so its fine.

Um, this is what the matchmaking is for. To avoid uneven stomping like that.

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Would make matchmaking very hard.

Which since you don’t like BF, you wouldn’t.