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i am currently investigating the score board behaviour, the simple fix was done in last update but its still actively investigated as its not working properly since last patch, idea being its supposed to expand bottom up, which atm it doesn’t, but it worked till last patch

currently finalizing the proper fix to restore the scoreboard to proper appearance

once again busy coding, this time playing around with control group banners, which atm stays in the middle of the screen even when command panel disappears when you have nothing selected, current solution i made is linking the control group banners to the command panel, layout is the same as it was, but now the banners will disappear with the panel when nothing is selected, so as to avoid covering bottom middle of the screen in an akward manner

nothing selected

something selected
both screenshots taken on my local only version of UI
i’d ofc greatly appreciate some feedback to ensure the final implementation, could even be this exact one, is one we can all agree on

Are you happy with the mod as it currently stands?

  • I’m happy with the mod as is
  • following could be tweaked further (please specify in thread below)

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