AOE2-DE Video Card Requirements?

I very much wish to get AOE2DE, but in the hardware requirements, I see “Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or better” listed. Does anyone know if the game will crash, refuse to install, display reduced graphics, or just run poorly with a “Intel® HD Graphics 3000”?

Hi @RealCptBlackEye, I’m fairly certain the game will display a warning when you attempt to launch it on a PC which does not meet the system requirements. I saw another user report the warning.

Just a warning? Do you remember if that user was able to still play?

Yes. I don’t have a PC with low specs to test, so I’m unable to predict what will happen for your system when you go to play under minimum spec.

Do you think its worth me taking a chance? If it was just a warning as you just said, I’m thinking I should try. What do you recommend? Here is how I looked at the posted system requirements.
(I have 4GB RAM)

Sure would be nice if MS had a widget to preview questionable systems to indicate problems.

Would I recommend it? No. If you have a desktop PC, install a dedicated GPU. If you have a laptop, there’s not much you can do besides buy a newer PC.


Sadly, its a laptop.

Maybe someone out there has actually tried it and will chime in at some point to give me hope… :slight_smile:

The good aspect of Steam is that you own the games forever and you can install them on every single device you could own, so… if you feel passion about AoE: Why not?

Anyway… You should consider that you are seeing the minimum requirements and you barely have the required ram, and let me say it: this game depends almost entirely on your ram and your processor.
As second aspect you should consider that yes, your processor seems to be the recommended or higher but as your graphics are Intel HD Graphics 3000 and as they are integrated: They use the cache of your processor, so… The performance of your processor will not be optimal.

So if you decide to buy the game and give it a try: You should do it seriously considering that the next step is to get a new laptop.

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