AOE2 default dataset for independent architecture and units

If devs read this, please code the default Dataset in a way that allows for unique skins for units and architecture to be added for each individual civ without the need of Modded datasets. Independent Architecture and Unit mods were the best things about AOE2 HD (2013) but they required a modified Dataset which meant you couldn’t play them online with others who didn’t have those datasets and you couldn’t play ranked games. Its basically just a graphic mod with no effect on gameplay which only effects the person with the mod so please allow for this to be implemented natively.


I have raised this before and would love it if some more people comment and keep this visible so hopefully the devs see this and implement this small feature.

It would be awsome if each player could modify their own units and architecture graphics for each civ so we could have proper independent unit and architecture mods without needing modified datasets. This is purely cosmetic and will not effect gameplay in any way for anyone who doesn’t want to modify their assets and should be very easy to implement.

If the devs are not going to do this, at least please explain once and for all why this is a bad idea and won’t get implemented, cause I honestly can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t happen, as it’ll make people who want it very happy and won’t impact those who don’t care in the slightest bit.


Sorry for necroing this post but this seems me pretty important.

It would be definitely nice to have. It might increase the storage space on the hard disk though if you have to double certain architecture graphics.

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is that possible to make the mongol event yurts official?

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You can keep them if you login with that XBox thing afaik.

Might be wrong though considering it states that the Yurts will be available during the event.

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Not a huge issue, this game barely takes any space compared to other games and HDD space is so cheap these days.