Aoe2: Defective Edition Should be a test of Skill. Not of Who has a better resolution

Jesus christ… where even to begin?

CSGO aspect ratio change is minor.

What are you on about? You can literally see more of the map in 16:9…
Also, yes it is not as drastic as it might sound, when first hearing it… just like the problem you have.

I assume, fair balanced competition is not something people want. If they did, they would have supported me.
it seems the community, the society really hate fair play and fair competition.

Again, you just completely try to misrepresent the others, noone hates fair play. They don’t agree with your interpretation of fair play and think it is no big deal, because it isn’t. There are numerous examples of slight percieved advantages in the PC-Gaming world and it still doesn’t harm the competition.

How about this: We ban people with longer legs from running competition, or people with long arm from boxing, because they have an advantage, and it isn’t fair play to have them compete against others, who don’t have that fortune.

This is literally people saying 1+1=3 to tell me i am wrong for saying 1+1=2.

Not only are you taking another huge dump on the grave of “literally”, but you are also completely wrong. It literally isn’t the same. We have to interpret and value things in order to get results. This is not a mathematical question.
You still didn’t adress the elephant in the room: the minimap. There is such a thing as a complete overview of the map completely absolute of any resolution. You can see the most important things on there and then scroll to the relevant posistion on the map. The reason you aren’t reacting to this argument is, that it destroys your entire basis of your own argument. It removes the differences on the screen, and makes it without any question fair.

So to put it into your language: We claim that 1+1+1=3, while you are trying to remove a part of the equation.

To add to that I don’t even agree with the principle you try to enforce on us.
Can we please stop acting as if AoE is supposed to be the perfect competetive game? Some of the games played professionally are also affected by this “problem” as previously stated and noone seriously questions their integrity.

how amazing it would be to have fun playing this game for years and years, if it becomes how it should be.

Honestly what is going on in your head, if this is what would prevent you from having fun.

its a matter of writing a few lines of code, that ensure that map visibility is locked and the rendering is scaled up or scaled down depending on the resolution selected.

While I don’t know exactly how this would work (I strongly assume you also have no clue), I do know that I’ve seen old games rendered up to new resolutions and all the models looked to small and so undetailed that it wasn’t very enjoyable to play. On the other side I’ve seen games scaled down, and they often look like shite. the models are out of proportion and it doesn’t feel good to play.

I highly doubt, it’s just “a few lines of code” if you want to make it look good. Again trying to bring the point home that the devs aren’t just some lazy guys sitting there, not caring for the competetive integrity. Even if it were, the neccesity is so debatably, that it probably ranks below any other issue that has been posted in the forum.

do you and your supporters have anything against me?
Do you ppl have a problem with me?
Its as if you people dont want me to defeat you and your pros or some thing.

Are you paranoid? This isn’t some gathering where people met and found you, just to mess with you. They do not agree with you. That is it. You are also acting like a child, throwing around assumptions and making ludicrous claims.

here’s the thing. I challenge you. set me up for a 1v1 vs viper, where he is forced to play all the way zoomed in, and i playing on all the way zoomed out with entire map visible. the developers can do this if they want to test.
I will win him 10/10 times.

First of all you can’t challange me, I am not Viper, and I don’t think anyone else in this thread is.
And even if it were to happen, since some of the statements you made, make you seem like a total noob I would probably bet against you. You will not “win him 10/10 times”. Because the issue you are trying to raise isn’t as close as relevant as you think.

Didn’t even mention how you basically claim, that some people have to play all way zoomed in, while others can see the whole map, just because of resolution. So utterly ridiculous. The difference is not as big, so even if this mentally challenged 1v1 was to happen, it wouldn’t prove any of your point. None.

Lastly you greatly overestimate the importance of this “issue” and even yourself. Why would Viper play against you, let alone 10 games. Let’s please not make it happen, It would be the greatest waste of time I would’ve ever witnessed.

Edit: Hardly disagree that this comment in any way goes against the code of conduct, I can see it for the other posts, not for this one. No Name calling, the only thing that can be percieved as a “personal attack” was something OP brought up himself. (Him winning 10/10 times against Viper.)
Also not seeing the comments about everyone else walking in the gutter removed is a little bit of a double standard.
Calling OP out on the fact that he started bringing up how everyone is biased because they only want to win due to their “overpowered” computers can also hardly constitute an offense.

Discussion and heated debated are fine.


You are being ridiculed for your linear and oversimplified way of thinking. And your last comment just proves it again. Maybe try making an argument concerning the minimap, instead of dying on your poorly constructed hill of “mathematical unquestionable logic”.
How you still can’t fathom that the real world is not a simple equation like you set it up is beyond me.

So annoying when people claim to have authority on what is and what isn’t logic.
Honestly the only person “hard-baited” into this is me, for trying to reason with you.

Have a nice day, losing to people with superior resolution.


In theory your point makes sense

But i would agree with some other points raised here - the pros don’t bring it up as a problem. It might be beneficial on a fully explored setting, but in a normal game with fog of war etc, a higher resolution is no substitute for game sense, scouting etc… Viper does not win because he has a better resolution, he wins because he makes the better decisions.

Spirit of the Law recently released a video on trade cogs vs carts, and you might take that into account when looking to trade, but there are so many other variables in play that throw the simple math into question. The theory does not always play out in the way you expect. I think this is the case here too


Hey I just remembered something very important that backs up this claim even more.
The other guy keeps saying how “being zoomed out gives a huge advantage and this shouldn’t be a thing”. It’s funny how that’s such a “big issue” but you literally don’t care about the fact that AoE2 maps are RANDOM. For MANY times you’ll have a player with more resources on one side than the other, for many times one will have both of their resources protected at the back of their base, while the resources from the other player are in front of his base, making them much more vulnerable and easy for the opponent to raid or deny by placing a tower. On rare cases one of the player will even be unlucky to have his stone or gold surrounded by trees so he can’t collect from them until he finishes cutting the trees around them (at least on arabia this is a rare thing that used to happen). And you know what? I watch a lot of competitive games, and for many times I’ve seen the player with the worst map generation (aka has the most disadvantages) winning the game. This just further proves that this is a game based on skill, where people are able to overcome actual disadvantages and still beat their opponents. It’s hilarious how the guy is bringing zoom into question and not AoE2 randomness, even tho literally no one has ever had issues with either of those.


If anything I’ve made more mistakes playing zoomed out in 4K. More than once I’ve double clicked villagers in a certain area and it ended up grabbing all my villagers from miles around lol. It’s not the best way to play so I don’t really see it as an advantage.


There are more variables at play, some people use a 5$ mouse and others a 150$ mouse with 16 buttons. Some people play on a cheap laptop, some play on a high end mechanical keyboard. Perhaps you should make some topics on these inequalities too.

My friend has a small laptop resolution, he is 50 elo higher and I have never beaten him with my 1080 screen in the handfull of games we played. My other friend is 100 elo lower than me and uses 4k, he has never beaten me in over 30 games.

It’s not a big deal at all because everyone is free to use the resolution they want, and thus determine their perfect tradeoff between visibillity and accuracy.


Why bother to keep discussing with someone with this kind of approach? This doesn’t even seem to be a discussion, this is a disagreement challenge proposed by OP. Not only unarguably (guy even started blaming society at some point), even though this guy make a post on a specifically discussion platform only to blindly disconsider and disagree the whole discussion, but a effort waste on such trite subject. The question is already solved.

Only good thing I can sum up of this whole thread is the acknowledge that a greater field of view doesn’t pay off the precision you have for a smaller one. Hope everyone have a nice weekend.


You obviously are not aware that TheViper has already played a game at 800x600 and won.

However this is an extreme example. Playing at 800x600 is indeed a disadvantage because you do not gain any precision with having units so large on your screen.

It really shows that you do not play at 4k resolution, because as soon as you do you realize that it is significantly worse and you immediately change back to 1080p as the sweet spot. I have a 4k monitor and this is exactly what I did as it is not an advantage to play at 4k. My gameplay was significantly worse and I was immediately behind my opponent from dark age from not being able to move villagers accurately. It didn’t matter if I didn’t have to scroll as much to see his army coming. I was already behind and couldn’t stop it and so the game was lost.

Also the fog of war largely balances this as you don’t really have more vision. All you see is more fog at once.


I don’t get why there is a limitation to zoom at all. Everyone should be able to zoom in and out as they please.


I have literally never heard of resolution determining competitive advantage. Yeah, in theory a bigger resolution will hypothetically lead to more information on screen.

The fallacy here is to assume the human brains can handle that. Either you are dead-focussing on a small part of the screen, or you lose your micro control and make silly mistakes.

Things like refresh rate give a more clear competitive advantage, and even that might be a trivial thing in this game.

There’s literally no competitive player who ever lost and blamed it on his screen size. Literally everybody at this point is complaining about Cumans being massively overpowered, and this dude here is complaining about screen size, something outside the game actually.

What’s next, Formula One games banning steering wheels as input because it is unfair versus controller users?

Meanwhile 4k monitors are being sold for already 150 dollars. Wait a few more days and you’ll get a nice black friday discount on top of that. And then return to complain how unfair it is some people have competitive advantage due their 2080 Ti graphics card (hint: they don’t).


this is just a bait and annoyance created to annoy anyone who cant afford an expensive monitor at a given time.
it feels as if, this is to ensure the selected and celebrated “pro” players and streamers will always have a distinct advantage. no wonder they dont complain about it.

And this is in every game out there and every field out there.
I am sure, me a voobly player of level 16xx can defeat viper 10/10 games if he is forced to play all the way zoomed in and i am allowed to play all the way zoomed out.

why wouldn’t you do that? why wouldn’t you want fair play.
Are you afraid that some random people may gain relevancy or strength or control in the age2 community?
Is it to ensure, that your selected people will always be at an advantage and thus stronger, in control and relevant? And that way you can dictate what you want through them?

It certainly feels like the case.

and to me its more just, annoying, rather than anything else. i am not here to be a pro player or a pro streamer. i am just going to play it once of twice a week may be, to have some cool time. and i was hoping that it did not have any annoyance like this.

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Hey Fightmight, please name me 1 pro player that uses a 4k screen.

You could not even beat viper 1/10 games with those settings, he is 1000 elo above you. You’re completely delusional.



20 characters.

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why do pro players not use 800*600 than? if it makes no difference. then they can micro even more by your logic and become even better.

It’s called balance. Balance being too zoomed in and too zoomed out. Why does literally everyone understands it except you ?

There is such thing as being too zoomed in (like 800x600), and as an obvious counterpart there is such thing as being too zoomed out. Almost everyone who has a 4k monitor plays with a 1080 resolution because that’s the sweet spot between having enough info and having enough precision.

No competitive player who owns a 4k monitor plays with 4k resolution. If that’s not enough for a proof that no, largest resolution doesn’t mean unfair advantage, then you’re just delusional.

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Let’s just ignore him. He is just stuck up with his “opinion”, denying facts like literally no top player using 4K. We tried, people.

To the developers: this is NOT an issue. Please continue doing the good stuff and update where it matters, like performance of the game and balancing of the civs.

This topic is no longer constructive, so I’m closing it. Please be respectful of other forum users. Name calling is not acceptable per the forum code of conduct.