AoE2 HD - Cheats Changing RANKED to UNRANKED at the last second

Will AoE2 DE prevent players from making RANKED games then sneakily changing the settings to UNRANKED at the last second? This is a massive problem on AoE2 HD (2013)!

Devs, will you please Help? If a game is originally set to RANKED, it must not then be reset to UNRANKED. Can you please Fix this in DE?

It’s not fair when you win and get no elo!

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Uh atm there are only ranked in random map pools with pre determined settings…so the good news is your problem is currently solved but there are a ton of other problems now 11. Also that problem is so weird idk how that could be such a consistent problem though tbf i always play on voobly where you cant make it unrated after launching the game

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