AOE2 HD.Rise of Rajas.exe system

AOE2HD Rose of Rajas Exe.system.

I am having some problem with AOE2 HD rise of rajas.exe system,and this is what its says
The code cannot proceed because twitchsdk_32_release_dll was not found.Reinstalling the program may fix the problem

The code execution cannot proceed because zwibwapi.dll.was not found reinstalling the program might fix the problem.Where can I find aoe2hd rise of rajas fixed version with all files for playing and fixing the bug on aoe2hd rise of rajas.Expansion oe :aoe2 hd forgotten kindom,and aoe2 hd african kindom,and rise of rajas aoe2hd exp.Sorry for spamming the forum.KIND WISHES AND BEST REGARDS

This even happens when I’ve downloaded Steap appi.dll,I have logged out of rise of rajas2 hd pressed desktop shortcut for aoe2hd rise of rajas to play again could not start it two exe system errors occured same thing happened when I reinstalled aoe2hd rise if rajas.

You posted this on AOE 1 forum. AOE 2 has the green icon