AoE2 math - Let’s look at different ingame villager counts

Hi devs,

Can you make up your mind about the following question: Are trade cars, trade cogs and fishing ships considered as villagers?

If you go to the end game statistic, then the max villager count does include villagers, trade cars, trade cogs and fishing ships. Villagers are kind of a synonym for every unit into the game that can gather resources. That makes sense to me. So are trade cars, trade cogs and fishing ships counted as villagers? The answer is yes.

During the game you can also see some info in the top bar. You can see how many villagers are gathering a specific resource. Number of units on wood, food, gold and stone. Again this number of vilagers include trade cars, trade cogs and fishing ships as wel. So are trade cars, trade cogs and fishing ships counted as villagers? The answer is yes.

Then we go to the same top bar. Now we will have a look at the total number of villagers. What should be the answer on THE question? Are trade cars, trade cogs and fishing ships considered as villagers? Ofc it should be. Everywhere else trade cars, trade cogs and fishing ships are counted as total number as villagers. But wait. Now it doesn’t. This time the answer on the question is no. It seems like this is the only time the answer is not consistent with all other cases. This make no sense to me.

Let us have a look at a recent team game. It went to the late game, so we started trade. It also had water, so i had some fishing ships as well.


First replay: 83 villagers isn’t much in the late game. I expected much more. I must have been raided unnoticed, so i lost many vills. Luckily i have way to much food in the bank, so adding vills is easy.

Second replay: I finally remembered that trade cars and fishing ships arent included. Let’s add the numbers of each resource together. 22+55+51=128. Pretty good number. I dont have to fix anything. I might only need to balance the recources a bit better. Let move some vills from food to wood and i will be fine.

Third replay: I dont have just 128 villager. I already have send some farmers to build a lumbercamp. These units are considered as builders, so they aren’t shows as wood, food, gold or stone gatherers. But they are included in the 83 total number of villagers. Heck, even farmers rebuilding their farm arent considered as farmers, but as builder. So they are also not included in the 128 count. And the 1 idle villaager (a farmer who can’t rebuild their farm) is also not included in the 128 count. As result i dont have 128 villagers, but i have 142. Maybe that is too much. Let me just delete some farmers, since i already have to many farmers and to few lumberjacks to reseed all farms.

Fixing this shouldn’t be that hard? Just include the number of trade cars, trade cogs and fishing ships in the total number of villagers in the top left panel. That sounds a pretty easy fix to me…


Agree. It should be fixed

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Indeed, this should be fixed.

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Yes it makes sense to fix this. On the other hand, I would have a harder time on water maps knowing when to click up if this was changed.


Many threads get a dev replay in which they post a replay. Why isnt this thread reviewed by a dev?


I dont really understand why we dont get a dev replay. You see many, many thread getting a dev replay, but this one still hasnt. Even after my previous it still hasnt.

Can the devs confirm they are tracking this issue?

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You need to tag them by @

I don’t see the issue here. Just toggle economic mode if you need to know trade count.

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You can already see the total number on gold, which is fine. We dont need changes to the number of units on wood, food, gold or stone. It is the total vill count that is bugged.

Your screen is an added reason to change this: Again Trade units, and probably fishing ships and trade cogs are included in that window. Like everywhere else, but they are excluded for a nonsensical reason of the overall total count.

How does this work? I am pretty new here and not really used to all possible options.

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The villager high statistic is actually the maximum number of Civilian class units that was reached in the game (Class 4), The label is indeed misleading but to a modder such as myself it’s really obvious why they simply count civilians. If anything, this label or calculation should be fixed. The little picture of villagers, surprisingly enough, represents the total number of villagers, which can of course collect any type of resource and so are therefore unique in that regard. Trade cogs vs carts are indistinguishable but have the same, limited job. Fishing boats are separated in the economic view, also idle vs active fishing is shown. Knowing the total number of actual villagers lets you know the flexible workforce in your economy, and is more useful when planning when to click up nearly all the time.


Will this be fixed in the next big patch as well?

2.5 months later and it looks like it is still not fixed. There was a big patch, some hotfixes, … But they seems to forget to include this fix.

Also still no reply from a devs, while they were pretty busy replying 2.5 months ago. Did they miss this thread?

fix the damn bug man

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like this @Felizon89

Seems like this is still not fixed. Did the devs didnt notice this issue at all? Seems like the devs still havent replied yet too…

@PsychoticSock1, Forgive the selective quoting, or please notify me if it misrepresents your comment:

I would support changing “Villager high” to “Civilians high” or “Economic pop high” or something like that.

This is a reasonable point. Also, changing the villager count to include all eco units would in principle convey less information than having it mean something else than the sum of all the other fields. The idle count should perhaps be more separate, though, as it can also include the other units, no?

I havent read anything about this in the patch notes. So i assume it is still bugged?

Yes still bugged for 20 char

Does anyone knows if this is already fixed?

Hi all. I made this post more then a half year ago. I am not really active. Can someone give me an update about this situation? Is it already be fixed? Will it be part of the next patch? Are the devs working on this at all?