AoE2 Romans are coming to ranked!

The Romans were intended as a bonus for you to enjoy in Singleplayer and Unranked Lobbies as an extra, on top of the content within Return of Rome.

However, we’ve been listening to your feedback and desire to see Romans as a ranked civilization. Based on that feedback, we have decided to add Romans to the ranked queue in a future update. We love seeing the passion of Age of Empires fans, and feedback like this helps us continue to create as many happy players as we can.

This will help us ensure the Romans are balanced, and ready for competitive play on introduction to ranked gameplay.


Glad that this matter has been settled.

However, I do not expect the Romans to be even close from balanced until staying one month or so in the ranked ladder. Given how strong their militia line, scorpions and galleys are, this might be brutal.


Not happy about this. At this rate I expect to see laser Troopers and tanks driving around in a few years. I hope this isn’t the first step towards ruining age of empires.


Theyre the 395 ce romans, they have adressed that, its the crumbling empire, id love to get the republic or early empire, but balance wise maybe 40 percent discount on the scorpions and tune the water stuff, and thats it


Why not?
Start Wars Galactic Battleground here we go

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Roma aeterna !
Now hype for new dlc is real.

Thank You devs so much :heart::heart::heart:


For everyone that believes that Romans breaks historicial immersion in AoE2. Just check that common picture of late Aztec army without Eagle Warriors.

Historicial accuracy and immersion RESTORED


New civs bad
Old civs good


Very accurate painting of Aztec crossbowman during the Aztec, Burmese, Chinese free for all conflict of 1287 which took place in the Roman province of Texas.


I get what you mean, ugh, how dare they add a civilization contemporary to Huns, Goths, and Celts!
What’s next? They will add the Yamato with their Samurai? Or Mesoamerican civilizations just to get killed by Spaniards?
Shacking my head


Oh, for Pete’s sake, stop complaining! The fall of Rome is the single most important event in the history of the Middle Ages, and you don’t want to be able to reenact it? Why not???


I frankly don’t care that Romans are being added to ranked. But unless they get a complete overhaul, I am not happy about these Romans being added to ranked. This civ has the quality of someone’s first mod. Their unique units are reused assets. Their ability’s are just stat buffs and they don’t make sense for a Roman Civ.
When did 5th century Western Rome have a powerful navy? When did 5th century Rome win battles with infantry charges? When did Rome have the best Armourers in history?
Rome was known for having big shields, a big economy and lots of throwing spears, yet they have terrible Skirms, good cav, and a good navy.


I think you said it right there; the history of the middle ages, not the actual middle ages. The Roman Empire no longer existing is a prerequisite for the existence of several AOE2 civilizations, such as the byzantines, italians, and franks.

Are they going to add the Greeks next, with King leonidas? How about mesopotamia, with the city of Ur? Should we expect pre-metal Clubmen fighting against hand cannons?

Aoe2 has a fairly well-defined timeline. Yes, there are a few bad examples, but they are no justification to start breaking the rules even worse now.


The Middle Ages started because Rome fell. That’s an extremely relevant event to recreate, and it has been partially done so in campaigns. Now the Romans are properly representing themselves, so the job is done.

There shouldn’t be any other Late Antiquity-exclusive civs, but the Romans are the one time it actually makes sense. And I think the devs know that.


And that’s why I was okay with them adding it to single player or campaigns. But adding it to ranked play? Romans fighting franks, byzantines? It’d be like your grandpa traveling forward in time and attacking you because you are living in his house.


Guess what? Not only did the Romans encounter the Franks, they also coexisted with the Byzantines. Most of the original European civilizations in the game were ones that the Romans dealt with. It’s not as strange as you’re suggesting.


They didnt coexist with the Byzantines, they were one and the same natiob


They definitely weren’t. The Roman Empire split into West and East. The Byzantines are the East, the Romans are the West.


That was a purely administrative division. The two emperors saw each others as emperors of one empire

And in the 5th century they were pretty indistiguishable


Doesn’t really matter when nearly all historians have the consensus that they were different and separate.