Hi everyone, I’m an Italian AoE1 player.
I didn’t understand one thing about the new AoE2 Rome, will it be possible to play a multiplayer game (Ranked or not?) with ancient civilizations (and game engine) from 1?

What changes compared to playing on 1, besides the graphics?

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Hi! All of the original civilisations have had their civ bonuses tweaked (there is even team bonuses now). The devs have added a 17th civ called the Lac Viet.

Great, but I didn’t understand one thing, will it be possible to play multiplayer like AoE1 (with ranked lobby etc)?

It’s not officially confirmed yet, but it’s very likely that there will be ranked multiplayer.


I would think there would have to be ranked multiplayer. Hopefully that can be confirmed soon,

There will be a multiplayer mode, we still don’t have the details about it (will it be ranked, unranked lobbies…).

What we know for sure is that you’ll play the 17 civs (16 old +1 new) won’t be mixed up with the aoe2 civs.

For aoe2 instead will be added rome, but as a single player unranked civ only.

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Very good chance that happens

Great, and the Population limit (and map size) Will stay like AoE1 250 max?

I would assume ranked will have a limit of 200 like AoE2 but not sure.
You will likely be able to go to 500 in unranked like in AoE2DE.

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Great, and PC req Will be the same of AoE2 DE or highter/lower?

It’s a DLC so it’s the same game so it’s exactly the same.
Also you can see it on Steam.