AOE2 should use less data


I am on the game menu of AOE2 and it use all my data with no reason.
The game already download 1GB and doesn’t seem to stop downloading stuff.
Player should have the ability to know when the game download heavy stuff

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Unfortunately this is not an issue that’s not unique to just Age of Empires. Many games these days are semi bloatware and you need a terabyte hard drive to ensure you have enough space.

Older games tend to be less bloated.

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You have limited internet? Or are you talking about hard drive space?

I am not talking about the hard drive space. But limit in data speed.

Can’t you get unlimited data?

I have unlimited data but not the fiber. 1MB/s should be enough…

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Does it normally though? I remember last year there was a day when my internet connection was down and I played several hours on mobile hotspot. Afterwards I checked and I couldn’t notice any significant data usage at all.

It shouldn’t use a lot, could this be from automatically downloading a mod update that you’re subscribed to?


In game it consume few kB/s

I have no big mod, cba, small tree… nothing that justify GB of data

It was that, AOE2DE (re)download all aniversary mod…

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