Aoe2 xbox one really needs to happen

Ok first of all allow me to say why this is it’s been requested since the xbox released in ntsc if not before the actual release the demand is so high that a mediocre port would still get tons of sales and on top of that there are some gamers who try to avoid pc gaming if they can. I think it could help drive a few more sales of the xbox one thus bolstering profits. I know I would buy it and technically I own stock in microsoft. The option to play this on xbox would also make people with outdated pcs not have to upgrade a fact that a standard pc might get you one to two years of grace at most. That and the state of it being vaporware at this point is disappointing. I think we shouldn’t discount the idea and instead try to list the positives from a corporate and gaming perspective for an xbox one version coming out.

My brother, some weeks ago, asked me if AoE2 DE was playable on his Xbox — he wanted to play some matches with me (i am in PC). You know the answers.

Bonus point: original AoE2 was released, according to wikipedia, for Xbox One and Playstation 2. Needless to say, I was speechless when i saw an pirate CD copy of AoE2 for PS2 for sale in an store who sold used clothes.
It’s not an completely stupid idea. You can plug an USB keyboard and mouse, and play it like in pc. Here’s an video (without USB stuff tho):

There’s an brazilian video talking about how this game, released for consoles, was an utter and complete failure, serving as an perfect example of how stupid (financially speaking, it’s true and you know that) it was of Konami to port this game. It is said that, the reason we don’t have many RTS on console today, is because of this game.

Bold, extreme words. Perhaps with the possibility of crossplay, we can actually have a good, playable, RTS on consoles. Maybe AoE2 on console could break the stereotype of RTS sucking in this platform — something created by AoE2 on console — if done right.

But let’s be real, it probably won’t