AOE2 Xbox - Spawn locations

Playing on Xbox, I only see 2 options for choosing spawn locations with your team for a hosted game.

I frequently do hosted games with friends against the AI, although I cannot get consistent initial spawn locations.

One of the team together options claim you will be adjacent to allies in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner on the maps.

Depending on the map this is a detriment and not at all what is desired. One of many examples of this would be the map Snake Forest. The map separates players by vertical lines of woods, so for players to be next to each other to benefit from each other, they need to be vertically next to each other. If players are put horizontally next to each other, with woods separating them.

So, what happens when setting up this map to play, the team together option keeps putting allied player next to each other horizontally with woods separating them. This puts an enemy directly in their path vertically, which is less ideal. In this scenario in a 4v4 you would want your allies to be vertically aligned to you and your enemy horizontal to you. Though the game will place you horizontally next to each other, which is bad for this specific map.

Is there a way on the Xbox to do custom spawn locations? Where the host can pick and choose exactly where both players and AI end up on the hosted map?

If this option does not exist please create it.