AOE2DE Feature request: allow to bind Ctrl+Click / Ctrl+Shift+Click / Ctrl+Alt+Click in Hotkeys

Left mouse button and right mouse button cannot be reassigned. However, it should be possible to freely assign Control+Left/Right Click and its combinations like Ctrl+Alt+Click or Ctrl+Shift+Click to any action. The most reasonable use cases for this would be Unit Commands / Attack Ground, Military Units / Attack Move or Military Units / Patrol. Please note it’s already possible to bind any action to Control+Mouse Wheel Up.


Agreed. I would like the option too. In addition, I can’t bind Ctrl+MouseButtonX for some reason, which would help me a lot.

BTW, in case you didn’t know, the closest you can get is CTRL+Mouse Wheel Up/Down. It’s not what we really want but it’s something.

It’s quite easy to do this already even without developers directly implementing it.

Some games consider macros as cheats. I don’t want to use something that’s not approved.