AoE2ers: who are they? A survey

We need a better knowledge of the aoe2 community. It’s so sad we play so many games with so many people who share such a strong passion with us without knowing absolutely nothing about them, other than some aoe2 stats, Elo, and the country they selected on Steam. Of course, we cannot hope to get to know in-depth many aoe2 fans, and even befriending a few of them will be extremely hard. But by answering this quick survey, we can at least get a general sense of who we are, what we do, and what we think.

Here is the link to the survey:

I will share the anonymous results of the survey in a month’s time.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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honestly i don’t think this is going to give you much information, there is only about 100 people max who routinely use this forum as is. even if you include reddit and aoezone you’re talking probably less then 2k total people.

One option is posting the survey in the comments section of youtube videos related to AoE2. I have done this before and it works quite well.

I mess with surveys in my job. One goal is to gather the maximum data possible, but depending of the project, it is more important to gather data representative of the overall population. That is, data whose variables’ prevalences equal those from general population, even if the total sample is minuscule.

With this in mind, you can reach interesting conclusions with a survey like the OP’s one. In the case of this survey, the sample will be limited to those players that are open to provide feedback, so they visit the forums/reddit/youtube regularly and fill a survey.

Thus, the results of the survey are interesting enough for me, because we will obtain a good description of the average player that participates in forums. And we may know if those date is representative of the general player (not only the forum user) by comparing the ELO and civs distribution with other sources.

I only missed one question in the survey, regarding multiplayer: I tend to play with a friend a my brother. This is important information that is not being asked for in the survey. Otherwise, a very nice project. Keep on!

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That’s self promotion though

Post on aoezone
so more people see it

But you can ask the streamer to erase your comment if he dislike it.

It is for research purposes, not for self promotion

Thank you for your suggestions and comments! We already have 180 responses in just a few hours. Feel free to share the link with well-meaning aoe2 players and communities. I don’t know AoEzone but I will try it.

180 is a good sample size for the dichotomous variables.