AOE2NET, Where and why?

Do you know what happens to the site? No news for several days. just this message:

" Welcome to Sorry, the site will be down until I can make some changes."

Then this message disappeared. And nothing more.
Anyone know?


I also Like to know. Im searching all over Reddit and aoezone for days for information, but i cant find any.


Why? Because the site is operated by a private individual and its existence isn’t something to take for granted. Why we should have a similar system in-game.

Definitely an inconvenience though. This sounds like an exaggeration but I’ve literally lost the last 5 unranked TGs I’ve hosted due to inability to filter out any “Low Elo Legends,” who have an uncanny knack for winding up on my team.


On one hand, I’m sorta grateful. Its chat area was really awful (it shouldn’t have had one in the first place), but it had such a good functionality.

On the other hand though, I will not stop repeating that there needs to be an official version (that you can check w/o being logged in) for the same functionality. It made spectating games very easy - the in game version is simply broken - and sometimes, I don’t want to start the game to see if there are any unranked lobbies I want to play in up, while also not feeling like hosting. Its ladder tracking was also way more convenient than the official website. Having the option to also see someone’s Steam profile made finding and adding friends very convenient.

It also had unranked rating tracking, which the devs discontinued but somehow it in a contrived way continued to exist on the website, so you could tell if someone just doesn’t play ranked games but is good otherwise. Now, in BF lobbies at least, it’s on a name-knowing basis if someone doesn’t have a rating, and that’s very exclusionary in design and not very conducive for keeping a playerbase.

Quite literally, if possible, just take the website and replace it with the official one, and remove the chat functionality in there. It’ll make life so much easier.


Thats right, but its a shame that there isnt a comparable official Website. And its a shame that all the other tools Like aoenexus, aoeinsights and the aoe companion App, that used data, arent working anymore.
If that ist it, so be it, but its sad. Such a great Tool. I miss it already. I hope it comes Back.


My friends and I have not been playing games since it went dark because its too hard to host and find balanced games in the lobby without it and you can’t pick the map in matchmaking…really sucks and hope it comes back soon.

Just wanted to add that this is quite a big issue as the vast majority of community sites are based on the API. If it doesn’t come back a lot of projects will go down. I’ve mentioned this in multiple places but it really is depressing that MS/FE/WE can’t provide an official API. These developers give so much time for free to build products that enhance the community and make the game a better product yet the company can’t even provide documentation/ access to their data API instead leaving it all on a single 3rd party individual to maintain.


Sorry folks, but a lot of useless posts. I’m just asking if you have any information and apart from making a critical judgment: Nothing. So, no need to answer? I mean, my post is clearly a matter of information not a start of debate :slight_smile:

If the guy from Aoe2Net managed to develop his API, then it’s done, post a modding topic or something dedicated. :slight_smile:

So if anyone has any new information, that’s cool. I will thank you for it.

Too bad there is no information message :confused: Patience twt

There are rumors that:

  • cheaters can play (and cheat) with the accounts of other players.
  • they were / are able to do it with information provided by

I don’t know if this is true and the reason for the maintainer to take the site down. However, if this is the reason, then it seems to me an understandable decision to take the site down until the issue about hacked accounts is resolved. Or at least clarified if it is linked with

aoeinsight can still do the same thing if it is about the hacker

If it is about the hacker, then it is still the right thing to do imo. Personally, I think you can’t absolve yourself of your responsibility by saying that others pose the same or even greater safety risk.

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Given that the hacker can hack using the those info, the official AOE2 match history can also revive these info. I consider those data are “public data” if the offical side also allow people to access it.

The way they suggest is just a ostrich policy which bring endless pain to the comminuty but not a right thing to do.

If AoE2net makes it easier or more convenient to use hacks, then the website itself is at fault, too. You’re providing the means for the hacks. Analogy would be that anyone can rob a bank, if you’re supplying weapons and whatnot, then you’re also complicit.

I hope this is not the case, but what’s happening to T90 (saw Pooplord’s video) is quite frightening, and other reports posted on this forum.

Definitely seems like the entire website needs an overhaul of sorts. Probably explains why they can’t just ‘buy’ the AoE2net website and implement it officially, if there’s such security problems (or why they can’t easily change it themselves).

I don’t know enough to say for certain but I would honestly be amazed if contributes towards the “hack”.

As far as I’m aware just consumes data from the official API, it doesn’t write anything back nor does it expose any of the official API endpoints. Feels more likely the hack issue is with the actual clients not doing any input validation.

My guess would be that the developer got bombarded with messages about why the wrong data was on his site so decided to just pull it. This is pure speculation on my behalf though.


This analogy is not correct. Knife can cut the meat and can also rob the bank. And knife is so important that it is in every daliy life like if someone use a knife to rob the bank and then the Gov ban all the knife in household usage, it ridicuous stuff is what happening in a country in Asia

Because the offical website / API giving the wrong data :frowning:

Fine, AoE2net is the only person in a village with a gun that makes hunting for food easier. IF AoE2net somehow enabled others to use its functionality to create hacks or w/e, then it’d be akin to the hunter providing the gun for whatever malicious purposes.

As far as I know, AoE2net’s creator reverse engineered (and was the only one to do so?) the API or something something like that, so it is possible that the functionality can now be abused by other third parties.

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This one is good. I totally agree. aoe2Net is at a point that there is only one gun in the village which no one else can make a gun for rest of the village :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yes keep loading the lobby data and then save it in db. BTW the offical one is already broken since yesterday which is the hack spoiled by poopload. I think developer are aware of it and dealing with the issue and I hope that after that will be fine

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Another rumor I read:
The official API changed (due to the hacking issues?) and maybe aoe2net is only as long down as it takes to adapt to the new API !?

As far as I know aoeinsight also uses aoe2net to get their data. So do many other community projects. Personally, I also used aoe2net, simply because it had the best documented API I could find. To be honest, I don’t even know where official information about the official APIs can be found. Haven’t found any, yet.