AoE3 Community Stats

sure, we can access to steam and xbox, simplified chinese has been the most used language on steam

we just held a community tournament, over 50 players participated.
here are some statistic:


Can’t really read those links or stats. But definitely get in contact with me on Discord and we can make an English Chinese collab happen with ESOCTV! It could be huge referencing those stats above.


I think there are multiple reasons:1, aoe2 players are much much more. 2, a lot tournament make some Chinese pro players famous, so WE will easily contact them, the players will soon become a bridge between both sides. 3, WE do not want to contact Chinese AOE3 players, when the KOM dlc released I contact WE on twitter forwardly and get a test key, but besides that, nothing else. 4, Chinese players are most weak at English and can’t log in discord/twitter/Youtube/twitch without VPN.

glad to help. That will be a beautiful future.


@LongBowWall is the moderator of “帝国3吧” - the largest aoe3 community in chinese world, you can contact with him


Alright well discord is Joshua667746. We can make something happen in the upcoming Spring Championships. We host 3-4 a year, $750 prize on ESOCTV. If you can please send me contact details through my discord I can make something happen, as I don’t know how to type Chinese.

WE do not want to contact ANY AOE3 players


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Steam.Sometimes epic or xbox.

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you can send message to @LongBowWall directly

The only overseas social way of aoe3 that we Chinese can use without VPN is this official community. So that’s what I said before, it’s not easy for us to communicate with foreign players.

So you can see quite a few Chinese on this official forum, but it’s hard to see Chinese users on reddit twittch discord twitter…

AussieDrongo and MayorceteGaming also upload AoE 3 content…

They are not interested in having AoE 3 in the RBW (perhaps because they cannot balance it or because it does not generate enough views in the tournaments)… they are more interested in a tournament for a simple DLC than an entire game…

Drongo does 1 aoe3 video a year. He is by no means an aoe3 channel. He himself even says he’s an aoe4 content creator and caster.


Ah ok… before AoE 4 he uploaded many videos of AoE 3, that’s why I didn’t want to leave him out…

The great Firewall hits hard…

Please update stats, those are not accurate.

717k visits last year, 59.75k average by month.

I’m the owner of that app and my stats are official from Google Analytics integration.


Dori, you already messaged this in Reddit, it’s just a casual list, it’s nothing official. I already linked you the place I got that data, so feel free to dispute it with them.

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You are making excuses under “casual list” if that is the case just don’t publish it if you are not serious to validate the data. You are avoiding official data from the source that I’m sharing to you and just being blind with third party data. Also looking in all the comments of the post yor are just avoiding extra data and content that people are sharing to you and not updating the statistics or at least considering.

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I’m sure if I spent weeks going through every persons detailed channel and website I’d get more accurate data. But, I dont care. If your upset that publically your website is only shown to get 5K a month, take it up with them. Dont be so salty about such a casual topic