AoE3 Community Stats

Some nice stats thought would be fun to share with people to see the depth of the online scene.
Some nice stats (only including those which main aoe3).

Largest discords (by count):

  1. WarsofLiberty 12,393
  2. ESOC 5,342
  3. AgeofWorldMod 2,091
  4. Hotp 1,898
  5. Sunbros 1,782
  6. FFP 1,269
  7. Comunidad 923
  8. Lion’sDen 588

(Note 10+ servers between 400-500 members)

Largest twitch channels (by followers):

  1. ESOCTV 11,193
  2. Kraatos 10,112
  3. Aiz 6,029
  4. Hazzaoe 4,938
  5. Kaiserklein 3,838
  6. SoldieRaoe 3,441
  7. LionheartUk 2,946
  8. Revnakaoe 2,902
  9. JulianK 2,877
  10. Yukietti 2,202

Largest twitch channels (by accv):

  1. ESOCTV 153accv
  2. LionheartUk 146accv
  3. Kaiserklein 144accv
  4. JulianK 106accv
  5. Ezad 105accv
  6. Aiz 97accv
  7. Hazzaoe 83accv
  8. SoldieRaoe 72accv
  9. Revnakaoe 67accv
  10. RoyalClan 61accv

Largest twitch channels (by peak viewership):

  1. ESOCTV 877
  2. LionheartUk 817
  3. SoldieRaoe 381
  4. Aiz 379
  5. Yukietti 374
  6. Kaiserklein 370
  7. Hazzaoe 344
  8. JulianK 289
  9. Revnakaoe 209
  10. Kraatos 152

(Note SoldieR hit 2k once but with AoE4)

Largest hosted website domains (by monthly visits):

  1. eso-community 48.9K
  2. aoe3explorer 20.4K
  3. freefoodparty 12.8K
  4. aoe3-homecity 5K

(Note excluding the old greats like rts sanctuary, since no longer active)

Largest activity of domains (by svpd):

  1. eso-community 714
  2. freefoodparty 25
  3. aoe3explorer 18
  4. aoe3-homecity 3

Largest YouTube channels (by sub count):

  1. SamuraiRevolution 35.8K
  2. Interjection 15.5K (retired)
  3. AgeofStreaming 14.2K
  4. ESOCTV 11.1K
  5. Widgie 7.01K
  6. Lionheart 5.54K
  7. Jaegerchere 2.51K
  8. MCJim 2.07K
  9. Nickaoe3 1.90K
  10. Robertoaoe 1.37K
  11. Harrisonaoe 1.27K
  12. Hazza 1.23K

Largest YouTube channels (by total views):

  1. SamuraiRevolution 14,714,447
  2. AgeofStreaming 4,550,624
  3. Interjection 4,482,338 (retired)
  4. ESOCTV 3,274,307
  5. Lionheart 1,991,567
  6. Widgie 1,533,851
  7. Jagerchere 804,104
  8. MCJim 721,701
  9. Nickaoe3 210,480
  10. AgeofSunbros 131,124
  11. Harrisonaoe 129,840
  12. Robertoaoe 92,611

i believe there are more localized channels out somewhere, for example the chinese community they have comparable viewers to twitch channels’ on site like bilibili afaik.


Yes the above statistics only include English and Spanish aoe3 content. Chinese is another major language group with its own player base

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samurai revolution discord is just shy of 3k members, surprised its randomly missed on the list

Ofc how could I miss SamRevs discord! He deserves to be in there. The Billibilli stuff I didn’t do, hence “twitch” catagory. If anyone wants to do a BilliBilli catagory go for it.

Can you provide a list of them in here? I know chinese and japanese players both have, relatively, big communities, also regarding not only streams, but modding as well. But language barrier is a big obstacle for any western people trying to find anything regarding that.

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As I said on Reddit, the Spanish Youtube channel “El Rincón de la Inmundicia” is missing.


Probabily because the videos don’t have the key phrase search term “age of empires 3”. Or maybe cuz YT ignores Spanish in the English search region

We Chinese don’t use youtube or twitch,most AOE3 creator use bilibili. I am a content creator,too. I have 40,000 followers on bilibili.


They give me one
I think the “322” of the bottom left is the current viewer?

No. 322 means all people have viewed since he starts streaming this time

bilibili don’t show the accurate number how many viewers left currently

Wow that’s a lot of followers (raw or ratio per platform) regardless, how come you haven’t reached out in the past for a collab with the english community? Send me a discord message we can make something happen. Joshua667746

I don’t know why aoe3 English and chinese communities have no communications. In aoe2 they have plenty.

Btw in aoe3 twitch there is a strong anti china sentiment, many china haters accounts on twitch chat, especially when the streamer is playing or playing against china in game, those china haters are most active in chat, many of those are higher level players too from latin america or europe. They even make fun of the chinese voiceline in game, or bring politics into games…so I’m not sure if the Chinese community is willing to communicate with those western players lol…

I can’t believe it. That many people, and the developers just skip RED BULL WOLOLO FOR AOE3?! WHY!?


maybe tomorrow I will try that. I’m busy for family things recently.

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in fact, the Chinese haters do not prevent Chinese players to communicate with foreigners. The major problems are:1, most Chinese players do not good at English. 2, Chinese network ban Youtube\twitch\twitter\facebook\discord etc, and not every one
can find a useful VPN. It’s very lucky we can log in without VPN.


Because RBW is not held by developer.

In China we use bilibili,baidu tieba and QQ group.

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And to run the game do they use Steam and Xbox Game Pass, or are there more platforms?