AOE3 DE Hotkey Bug

Hi, Just posting this in the hopes somebody from the developer team will read it and something can be done about it, I play using QWER ASDFG as hotkeys for control groups instead of 1-9 due to ergonomics and I have discovered in DE the hotkeys must be hardcoded to 1-9, there is an in game option to edit control groups however this results in both 1-9 & qwer asdfg selecting the same control groups for example 1 & q , 2 & W ect… I prefer to use 1-9 for building hotkeys as these get used far less than control groups where i want quick access to the keys, In original aoe3 TAD this wasn’t an issue im assuming the fix would be to look at the keymap files for TAD and see what was done there, however I really feel this needs addressing


Its exactly the same issue as i mentioned earlier today: Control Groups HARDCODED on 1–9 - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

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