AoE3:DE is Maxing out GPU Everywhere in game

Hello All,

I seem to be getting a weird issue with the Game where regardless of what I am doing in the game my GPU is maxed out. This is including the main menu. I can set all my graphics to low and it still maxes out.

Some info:
I have a GTX 1080Ti
32GB Ram.

Allm the other specs seem fine, its just the GPU that maxes out, for a little bit of comparison in AoE2:DE on all max setting my GPU sits at about 30% utilization. So something really weird is going on for sure.

Thank you!

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How many FPS are you getting when using a 1080ti in AOE3 DE? and to what resolution?

3440 x 1440 @ 100 FPS

I’ve tried running in smaller windows at lowers FPS and it still maxes out.

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You can use rivatuner statistics server to limit the fps to 60, even so, my gpu uses its maximum capacity to barely reach 60fps :(, Even so I have the doubt how a 1080ti yields in AOE 3 DE to MAX Settings 4K

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This game is pretty heavy on CPU/GPU usage, especially if you are playing on high settings, I have a Nvidia 1650 GPU and my framerate can drop to as low as 30-40 FPS during late game fights (on high settings 1080p res).

I can put it on low settings and it still maxes out, i think there is something wrong with the game. I don’t think this is a settings vs. equipment issue.

its not cpu heavy, this take 5% aprox. of my ryzen 3900x and callof duty warzone takes 33%

I have an i7-3820 and this game can use up to 30-40% of my CPU on low settings, either way it’s poorly optimized