AOE3: DE Multiplayer Crash - Both against AI and Human

AOE3: DE - Multiplayer Crash - Both against AI and Human
BUILD #: V. 100.12.1529.0
OS: Windows 10

The game continues to crash/stops responding at the 55 min - 1 hour 5 min mark consistently.
I’ve only had one successful match since release with 10 hours of game time, occurs 90% of the time


Same issue, game freezes and crashes. Just happened to me, was finishing a hard fought game and it froze and had to hard close. Massive turn down…

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The following has been fixed as a result of recent update and hotfix!
Crashes during online matches at approximately 55 min - 1 hour 5 min mark.

In addition to the crashes, I was experiencing FPS issues (25 - 40) once all players built up, this was also sorted as a result of the last update an hotfix.

Specs for PC:
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700
GPU: EVGA 1080ti FTW3
Ram: 16gb 3200mhz (CL 16)
Network: TP-link Archer T6E (online matches are played through WiFi)

Last hotfix didn’t fix it for me.
This crash occurs indeed around 55min - 1h05 mark, now that I realise it. (Last time was 1:00:32)

Glad that some people don’t crash anymore, however I feel like in my concern that it’s more frequent now than before (like 2 weeks ago)

Has the most recent hotfix helped your situation at all?

Crashes while playing multiplayer against AI have stopped, but the odd crash against humans still come up at odd times.

I have noticed something that may/may not be a coincidence, when the crashes occur it’s when me/my team are in the enemy team’s base. I’m not sure whether it’s a normal program crash or if they’re lag switching or causing connection to drop from the server for all players subsequently crashing the game…

I play only against AI, it’s random.
The “55 1h05” mark is pretty accurate, except once I crashed at 48min.
In our way of play (treaty 40min), at this time we are generally in the AI bases, sometime there are all up, sometime only one is remaining…
3v3 we might not crash (80% time crash), 4v4 it’s 100% in my experience.
We don’t all crash, generally speaking one human didn’t crash so at least we see post-game stats.