AOE3 DE Multiplayer experience

If you tried online multiplayer you will always encounter some of the following.

  1. Server matchmaking errors in Ranked Mode.
  2. Empty slots - Waiting for other players bug → ALT+F4 is the only option to escape from this. (Ranked Mode).
  3. Game crashes when you send a card from the deck (it happens both ranked and casual)
  4. Player/Players OUT from the early start (can’t tell the reason)
  5. The QuickSearch buton canceling systematically the search at every 20-30s (the only option to get rid of it is to restart the game)
  6. Big lag after minute 40 - Treaty mode → usually lasts for 5 minutes then the connection is ok. (it happens both ranked and casual)
  7. Settlers that stop building the wall and just stay and do nothing or engaging in fights with other units. (it happens both ranked and casual)
  8. Units stucked in the TPs, in buildings, in the TP socket. (it happens both ranked and casual)
  9. Aztec bugged walls. Parts of the wall just dissappear and the settler won’t build them. (it happens both ranked and casual)
  10. People fail to re-connect even though their internet is still working. (it happens both ranked and casual)
  11. Getting +0 elo for winning a battle against a player from the lower side of the ladder. You waste 15 minutes of your life and you get nothing in reward. But if you somehow crashed, you get -30 elo.
  12. You cannot play one Treaty after another if you don’t restart your game. If you don’t do that, the 2nd battle will get laggy.

These things are constantly annoying people. Day by day. Week by week. Please do something and fix them.


pretty much the same stuff and some more bugs as in my post