AoE3 DE, the City Card system should be Full unlocked by default

AoE3 DE, the City Card system should be Full unlocked by default.

AoE3 did have in my opinion one heavy problem:
I could not play it online due to the City Card system.
Its basically this, you want to play, people check your home city level and kick you from lobby.

You need to spend really a lot of time level up one city, modern day word is grind.
Even for free2play game that system won’t make sense.

Even if AoE3 DE would import old progress, still many people did not play it online due to it.
I really hope they do fix this for AoE3 DE.

Nobody even liked the grind, it takes so much time, you can’t even simply switch factions.
Yes its awful as “new city” has card for 4 units, same card for end level city has 20 units.
That’s why many people could not play it online.

Its the main thing they should really fix.


it would be great if all card were unlocked in multiplazer games, and the card system reworked such that you can plaz anz card available to the civ from the the card interface.

The decks would be reworked to a customiyable quick acces bar, but also card not in the deck can be plazed bz choosing them from the current deck making interface

This would allow theg ames to be plazed out much more flexible, since the strategz isnt bound bz the cards you picked at start.

I dont think this would ever be implemented, but this is the reason people like to plaz 44 card deck hacks.

My thoughts.
I have listed it twice before, so why not a third time?

Currently our Home Cities start at level 10 in Asian Dynasties.
But it takes a long time to raise the Home-cities high.
This tedious Grind was enjoyable the first 4 cards I gained of every new Tier for every Civilization but not really onwards.

I think a good change would be to enable creation of Home-City-Decks, starting on a Card-Tier-level the player choses amongst 5 Tiers.

all Unlocked

In addition. A player who advances in a Tier with any Home City, automatically advances at 20% Exp in all other Home Cities, within that Tier.

This would enable players to face foes of much more even Deck Quality.
With Various Strategies capable at various tiers.
And a small scaling of your deck as you develop and practice within your Tier would still be possible. Even as you jump between Civilisations, the progress will not get completely reset, and will somehow always reflect your experience with that Civ within that Tier.

The “Decks” would change:
Instead of being able to create numerous decks from the cards you picked. You can now create new decks by freely picking Cards up to your Civilisation’s Home-City-level within that tier.

Just like existing now, but for Each Tier there would be a ‘Default’ Deck automatically provided to all players, until they decide to build their own, (can be deleted).

No change to Deck Size.
However, in some mod/setting, each player could get 3 Custom slots which can ship any card you’ve unlocked outside your deck.


If you have the EP you can use the XP Mod and immediately level up your cities to gain access to all the cards. Furthermore, you only need to level up one city and then when you create others they will have the peak level as well (assuming you start with an Asian civ). Definitely recommend the XP mod in the mean time.

I do agree though, hopefully the DE will solve this and just have all the cards unlocked from the get go. Also, HC level shouldn’t have an impact on PR (although most people rely on ELO anyways).

Lastly, I think the 25 cards in TAD are more than enough and a good element to the game. I’m a lt colonel on Nilla (think capt on TAD) and make do with just 20 cards - granted I’m vsing others with only 20 cards as well. Rarely do I feel I’m lacking the flexibility I need though.

Excited to play DE with all you folks when it comes out!


I see people all the time who are brand new to the game jump in games with sergeants and above. Too often they get kicked with no explanation. The reason those people get kicked is for their player rank (conscript), not their homecity level. They also look like smurfs (people who are super good/cheating and playing under a new account to go beat up on new players). You can always go play a few comp stomp games to get the homecity level up if you really think it’s the HC level. I personally like having a progression system and I hope I get something to unlock even if it isn’t the cards.

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I also think that the progression system of HomeCitys are good for the game. It allows for more creative gameplay. I recall people sometimes limiting the HC level in hosted matches in order to challenge players to play without certain cards. It adds a different dynamic to the game that would not be available if all cards were available at once.

A good compromise might be to decrease the required amount of XP needed to level HomeCitys if people really feel it’s too much.

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I think its ok to keep the levels, so you play for example at level 10, not 20.

But the grind has to go, all cards should be from start on accessible.
City should have for online max level from start on.
I just dont think people are going to pay a second time for a game, to get instant kicked from lobbies.

As a player that doesn’t play online i don’t mind having to unlock cards per level requirements as who I don’t want to be overpowered too early but I can see why this is a problem in online gamess.

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how about a optional 44 deck gamemmode for people like me.

this would finally allow me to stop playing hack decks on game ranger… yeah i know , i am scum for doing this. I wish everyone was using 44 decks to make it fair.

If this option isnt included i will probably stick to game ranger and vanilla and abandon aoe 3 vanilla when there is no one play left.

What they need is to get rid of the exp cap in games. I think the most levels you can get in a game is 2. And that is pretty annoying. But having everything unlocked from the get go destroys replayability imo. I love working towards something.

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nice to hear it will be fixed^^

Has there been any news on getting new cards ? Would love to play with new styles of units etc. I typically play with the Old Civs (European ones) whose cards dont have that many options IMO but occasionally play with New Civs (Asian dynasties) and they have way more cool options with their cards. I typically play with Russia and one of their main units are the Grenadiers which I very rarely use cause there isnt any upgrade cards for them, if there were some upgrade cards for them Id probably use them a lot more.