AoE3:DE Will Surprise You With Graphics

Xataka published their interview with Adam Isgreen:

Q: “The remaster of ‘Age of Empires III’ was announced in 2017 but we still do not know anything …”

A: “The good thing is that this year we are going to release ‘Age of Empires II’, but also at the end of this year we are going to start talking about AoE III and AoE IV. What I can say is that everyone is going to be surprised with what we are going to do with both games. The III will look quite different from the original, not in terms of gameplay, but rather in the graphic aspect”.


AOE3 has a lot of potential in terms of graphics, due to the 3D enviroment and the high detail models (unlike AOE2, which is basically 2D). Getting a complete model rework with the lastest tech could be a real seller.
AOM also would look amazing, if it got a rework as well.
As for AOE4, i expect only the most beautiful game the rts community has ever seen


Great to hear AoE III DE news is coming this year!

Since the game engines are related, perhaps FE could take what they learned on AoE III DE and apply it to a potential AoM DE.


I doubt FE is developing it since both 2 and 3 have been in development at the same time, although they may still play a part in the development.

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I had no doubt about that. It surprised me when it came out (holds till this day) and looking at their quality of remasters, I think my head will be blown off again.


so does this indeed mean we will hear about it in november at the X019

They may use Gamescom for AoE3, and XO for AoE4.

Based on AOE:DE and AOEII:DE progress I’d say we’re a long way from AOE3:DE.


AOE:DE - August
AOE2:DE - This fall? More likely next spring.
AOE4 - Two years from this fall.
AOE3:DE - Three to four years from this fall.

Im pretty sure 3 DE comes before AoE 4.
3 to 4 four years, no way 111

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Yes, it’s different developers, I think SkyBox Labs is the main one for AoE3DE.

but isn’t skybox lab working on halo infinite right now?

I wish Microsloth would give us a real timeline. Maybe when we finally get some AOE:4 news.

Yes, I hope they will announce it in November, since they said they would talk about aoe 3 de and 4

I think there’s a big games convention in London this August… got my fingers crossed for news then.

I think you mean Gamescom in cologne. X019 is in London in November.