AoE3 Goodhouse Cup SEMI-FINALS - Watch NOW at


Hello folks! Going live at 16:30 GMT today (in just a few minutes from this post) at there is the ESOC Goodhouse Cup Semi-Finals, an AoE3:DE 8-man single elimination tournament between some of the biggest names the community has to offer. Starting off the day is the current #1 leaderboard holder Hazza54321 vs the recent ladder legend Miyawaki Sakura in a heated Best-of-7. Later on in the evening we’ll see another spiffing Best-of-7 brawl between Samwise12 vs Kaiserklein, casted by none other than Mr. Mitoe and WickedCossack.

The Goodhouse Cup is a fundraising event to help raise money for the kidney operation of Lakota elder Cedric Good House Sr. Cedric contributed his knowledge to inform a more faithful remastering of our beloved game and franchise. We’re trying to raise $1,000 by the end of today, but even if you’re unable to contribute, no matter as we’ll be streaming prime AoE3 action well into the evening!

Watch live on Twitch:
For more information on the ESOC Goodhouse Cup: Announcing the ESOC Goodhouse Cup! - ESOCommunity
For more information on Cedric’s operation or to donate directly: Fundraiser for Cedric Good House by Laura Lynne : Kidney Transplant for Cedric Good House

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