Aoe3 has become a really gimmicky and lame to win game

Why nowadays so many civs have unpredictable op units/shipments/revolts, shadowtech units and free stuff, and spawn so many units at once, and can obtain units from buildings that they are not supposed to? Why units have so many weird and gimmicky special abilities? Why so many civs can get units from another civ? Can we just return aoe3 to early DE condition? Now too many fancy stuff in this game, it is getting boring it doesn’t feel like an RTS anymore.


Just as a counterweight:

I enjoy the game more than ever. The only thing i dislike is giving unique units to other civs (looking at you Malta and USA) and overtuned ottomans

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It’s a natural evolution…you have the launch European civs that are more similary between them…and then you have the Non-European civs that are more unique and have more gimmicky abilities…

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Still doesn’t explain why aoe3 has become like this

Quitting this game is the best

Je n’ai jamais compris pourquoi des gens disent que tel jeu ou tel jeu il faut le quitter, alors que je m’amuse plus sur la definitive edition comparé à TAD


In the grand scheme of things, it’s all good. If anything, whenever I load up Aoe2 or 4 it just makes me feel that they are quite shallow in comparison!


The successive expansions and the influence of WC3 on the game…in addition to TAD being developed by Big Huge Games that brought many strange things in the Asian civs and then Forgotten Empires bringing the post-colonial, African mechanics and European promotions in 3 DE…

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Because grinding the ladder to reach 99999 elo and also expecting easy wins with the same strategy and build every time happens NOT to be the only way to play the game.

It’s the ladder players with such a mentality that ruined the experience of the other ladder players. But instead of blaming them, “the other ladder players” prefer to go on a crusade to ruin the experience for ALL other players including those who rarely touch the ladder.


What do you mean by ladder player? Whether we play ranked or lobby the game mode is the same. Player try to win, that’s it. Unless your non ladder player mean “boom for 20 mins go age 5 with treaty deck then attack” kind of players

Oh sorry I forgot to introduce the background.
It might be totally unimaginable, but on my planet there are quite a bunch of players who play the game in a certain way just because they enjoy it/like the civ or unit/want to try out something new. Not to exhaustively win some random stranger to grind some certain score. Because where I come from that score cannot be exchanged for college entrance exam score or food.

I guess it is not the same on this planet.


Well, technically, you can thank Youpudding and Red Phosphoru for that. Their YOLO strategies likely carried to here, and that’s why you see 10 pop age-ups these days. Honestly, I enjoy seeing these strategies because it destroys the idea of meta.

The “weird mechanics” themselves don’t bother me, but admittedly, many of them encourage unfair and unpredictable games. Especially those that do not even require map control to carry out, including many of the revolutions or some church cards.

That’s my feel as well.

Because they are unable to. If they try they probably cap at 900 elo. Good ranked player can try funny game modes or treaty or FFA or senarios and have a lot of fun too while still able to play some competitive matches. And the game should not balance or evolve around funny and arcade fancy style of gameplay. Balance should always be the no.1 concern. This aoe3 game now is clearly centered around having fun with fancy units and cards and trying some gimmicks to laugh around. That’s not a good direction.

The one game design truism to remember here is that given the opportunity, players will always try to optimize the fun out of the game.

I for one welcome wild and unpredictable games. Age of Empires 3 is enjoyed best when it’s not even remotely meant to be competitive.


There is one, very tiny, almost impossible alternative:
Stay away from ranked

It is the biggest abomination of modern gaming. It turns games into labors. Nobody is enjoying it, including the 99999999 elo elites. You end up experiencing more anger than fun, and still stick to it because you want to see that stupid score increase a little bit. I dropped several games weeks after I touched their ranked mode. 90% of people you see are copying some meta they see from streamers and punish you hard the moment you want to try anything new. You can never go back to a healthy mentality about the game the moment you touched ranked and the only possible attachment to it is that stupid score or daily mission (if your interest has not wore off already)

There is a world of gaming outside ranks. In case you don’t know. At least where I come from that score cannot be exchanged for food or money or test score. Not sure about yours.


Many of the mechanics give players unfair advantages and encourage players to try them on ranked plays. For example having too many shadowtech units, having a lot of promotion units, big highlander shipments in age2, etc…

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Even playing lobby 3v3 4v4 those fancy mechanics, units, cards and revolts don’t disappear. They are the same, players abuse them to win. And in team game there are more combinations of OP stuffs.

My post did not mention ranked at all. I was talking about aoe3 games in general. I don’t know why you assume I was talking only about ranked. Must be in your head already

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i don’t see a lot of people exploiting or laming outside ranked games.
If you play with friends who choose to punch you with meta every time you should really consider your friends.

But you soon revealed it so that is indeed what your whole argument is based on.

BTW that is the exact reason ranked play should go to h**l.

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