What I want to know is, can you give us some information on whether there are any new national production plans, especially for the Persians? The Persians in Age of Empire II have received a suitable update, and we have been looking forward to the new national DLC update for Age of Empire III for too long. It has been a year and a half since the release of “The Knights of the Mediterranean” DLC. Hopefully, by the end of this year, we can at least get a rough idea

Great job devs! Thank you

If you have read my post for Haud, I had a test recrd showed 10 kanya vs 10 hussars, and 4 hussars remained. People were still saying Kanya is strong.

Apply same bias to your reply chinaco is already OP to them.


Brasil capitol card doesnt work and Canada have the fencible card repeated

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Mexico has suprisingly large ammounts of Dragoon support tho. Including early goons, so why should the lancer also do the goon job, especially queens dragoons card and commerce age availabiltiy.


My thoughts about the new peruvian revolt: About the new Peruvian Revolt - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

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Dude how is china any different? Their cav is in the same spot and still got nerfs. How do you expect chinacos to be even remotely fine as they are now? :joy:

When playing Portugal and chosing the age up that enables training infantry at TCs, training Ordinace Riflemen doesn’t work in TCs, it just disables Crossbows.

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Same cost
Skirm requires 138/(18x0.7) = 10.9 = 11 hit to kill a ForestProwler.
ForestProwler requires 144/(20x0.7) = 10.2 = 11 hit to kill a Skirm.

Why does FP need HP and range nerf?
No bias on native?


I guess they did take the warchief into consideration, you did only card upgrades right?

Edit: I’m stupid and didn’t realise that this are the basic stats

Why Nerfing a Thing Which is Solid From 2006. Lol. Touch on The Broken Civs Like USA and Italy. Not on the Least Played Civ on The Game lol.

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Just i Said. They Have Lower Life than Euro Skirms. U do Not Understand the Nerf

Just Move It To Age 3. And When Ethiopia will Get the Neftenya Damage Nerf Reverted? Re Increase Cannoners Count to 8 and 14 too

Its a lategame tech
it doesnt make much sense early on, since it costs 250i and ethiopia is strong in generating influence before coinmines dryup… so its not a good economic decission before age 4

Why you keep nerfing Spain’s economy ?
At least add economic theory card again

Exactly, extremely extremely disappointed that Malta stayed the same. They are underperforming. I can’t tell you how many matches (in the top 400) I’ve lost strictly due to Malta being too weak. Got perfect raids in, pulled back settlers properly as needed, took map control, didn’t make game-ending micro blunders, etc. The 2% XP penalty and lackluster late-game sentinels combined with some basic things like keeping German Tongue at 450w (and not reducing it to 425w) - you really feel it as Malta. Like Russia they didn’t need large buffs, just small ones to get them in line with everyone else - especially considering some of the nerfs other civs got.


Indeed, they gave malta a 2% xp penalty when all units recieved 2% hp per shipment and that is no longer the case. Fixed gun receives no extra hp now and artillery receive 1% extra. IIRC heavy fortifications also no longer grants the heavy fixed gun upgrade. It’s time to remove the xp penalty as the civ is underperforming at all levels.
I was recently watching lionheart stream as he was trying to reach 2k elo and someone asked him to play malta and he said he doesn’t think he could get to 2k with malta like he can with spain. That’s not due to him having more skill with certain civs just malta being quite weak all round.
Wignacourt nerf should be reverted as well, sure it’s a great economic bonus early on but as natural res nearby runs out you’re forced to build outposts or commanderies and late game it just becomes exotic hardwoods 2.0 and in no way makes up for the lack of a second factory.

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This requires a shipment OMG, just remove the last patch “buff”
This is competely stupid can’t be said balance.
Extra shipment for basic status nerf? What a joke. LOL

Therefore from your logic Dev made Aztec JPK strong they should nerf JPK basic status now. Let them 0 resistance plus remove their bonus against cav?

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This is a little thing, but could a change be made so that Saint Peterburg Dragoons shadow tech to imp? The only way to access them is via cards, so I don’t think there would be any real issue.

To be fair, the Italian church cards give you a one-time pop of Carbine Cavalry…after this PUP, it’s definitely better now.