:scroll: [BUILD INFO] - Public Update Preview - November Update

Hello Explorers!

With today’s launch of the Public Update Preview, we’re making the first build available for an early hands look at the work being done for the upcoming November Update. As part of this process, we’ll be updating the build with additional fixes, so this is the thread to watch – this is where we’ll provide any notes or changes that are worth paying attention to, and we’ll update that information as newer builds come online. Keep an eye on this thread for more information throughout the Public Update Preview.

Below is a list of preliminary fixes we are prepping for this release. Please note that not all potential fixes/items are guaranteed to be in the final update, as we are still actively testing everything and may need to adjust or remove items if they are not ready. Additionally, this is not a holistic list, and some additional items may end up in our final release.

Quick reminders -

  • For common questions and answers, go here FAQ

  • To learn how to contact our Support team, go here Support How-To

  • As with all updates, certain Mods may no longer function as the underlying game code has changed. If you are experiencing issues please try disabling all Mods first to see if that addresses your issue as the Mod may need to be updated by the creator to work with the latest build.

November Update – Build # 100.15.21316.0

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed an issue where players can sometimes get stuck while loading into a ranked match.

  • Fixed an issue that limited the number of observable matches displayed in the Browse Games list to a maximum of 20 of each game type.


Units & Buildings

  • American Citadel (Maya): Fixed an issue that prevented Chinese from properly training their banner armies.

  • Askari: Ranged damage multiplier versus cavalry reduced to 1.5x (from 2x) in Volley mode.

  • Battle Canoe: Damage reduced to 13 (from 14).

  • Boyar (Houses of Phanar): Fixed an issue where Boyars from the homecity would not upgrade to Guard status.

  • Command Post (SPC): Fixed missing interactions with certain cards and technologies.

  • Consulate units: Fixed several discrepancies between Consulate units and their Royal Guard unit equivalents.

  • Corsair Marksman: Hitpoints increased to 110 (from 95).

  • Cover Mode: Corrected several unit attacks that were too high in Cover mode.

  • Giant Grenadier:

    • Population cost reduced from 3 to 2 and hitpoints from 300 to 250.

    • Melee damage reduced from 42 to 36, but anti-cavalry damage multipliers increased by +0.25.

  • Granary: Field aura expanded to support an extra line of Fields.

  • Napoleon Gun: No longer tagged as Gunpowder Trooper. XP bounties corrected.

  • Nootka Warchief: No longer classified as a hero and can no longer train Nootka Clubmen.

  • Order Besteiro (Consulate): Cost changed to 40w 40f (from 30f 30c).

  • Pikeman: Fixed the missing range increase for Imperial Dalkarl Pikemen, Imperial Tercios, Imperial Ordinance Pikemen and Consulate Tercios.

  • Royal Hunter (House of Oldenburg): Ranged damage decreased to 14 (from 15).

Cards & Technologies

  • Advanced Dock (I): Fixed an issue that allowed sending the card infinitely.

  • Bastion, City Walls, Redoubts (III): Cost increased to 600w 600c (from 400w 600c).

  • Caballeros: Fixed some unit’s attacks not being affected by the card.

  • Cotton Armor (Maya): Corrected the cost and hitpoint percentages.

  • Oryx Hide Shields (Somali): Corrected the armor increase for units with armor stances.

  • Heavy Fortifications (IV): Added cost of 250w.

  • Victorian Era (House of Hanover): Initial cost reduced to 10,000 food and coin (down from 11,000).



  • Founder (I, Big Button): Cost increased to 100 of each resource (up from 50).

  • Jaguar Prowler Knight: Combat promotion rewards reduced to 10/20/30% (from 15/25/45%).

  • Oztuma Citadel (III): Now also adds +1 to build limit for synergy with the Mayan Pyramids technology.


  • Gentlemen of the Pike (IV): Now sends 17 Pikemen (up from 10).


  • Blue Guard: Now improve upon reaching the Imperial Age by 30% (up from 25%).

  • Infantry Attack (II), Infantry Combat (III): Now also affect Blue Guards.

  • Red Lancers (III, Religious Freedom): Fixed a bug where Red Lancers would lose multipliers when switching stances.


  • Improved Cannon Trade (IV, 250i): Can be researched after Imported Cannons in the Palace. Splits artillery cost into 40% Influence and 60% Coin.


  • Napoleonic Era (French Revolution): Fixed a bug that resulted in double population costs for Royal Musketeers and Royal Dragoons.

  • Sansculotte (French Revolution): Are now considered gatherers in the UI.


  • Advanced Dock (I): No longer sends a Dock wagon for Germans.

  • Improved Mercenaries (III): Mercenary hitpoints and damage increase reduced to 15% (from 20%).

  • Prince-Electors (I): Doubled most build limits for allied native units.

  • Wallenstein’s Contracts (III, Treaty of Westphalia): No longer fully removes coin cost of Mercenary shipments. Instead, mercenaries train faster and are cheaper (including mercenary shipments). Cost reduced to 1500c (from 3000).

  • Zweihänder (IV, Treaty of Westphalia): Cost reduced to 1800c (from 2000).


  • Fulani Archer:

    • Movement speed reduced to 4.25 (from 4.5).

    • Fixed an issue where the LOS was less than their long ranged attack’s range.

  • Improved Cannon Trade (IV, 250i): Can be researched after Imported Cannons in the Palace. Splits artillery cost into 40% Influence and 60% Coin.

  • Raider: Cost increased to 100f 45c (from 100f 40c).

  • Sarkin Dogarai: Fixed a visual glitch with the Maigadi unit.

  • Sokoto Chronicle (IV): Converted Kingdom Builders now correctly provide 200 Influence.

  • Songhai Alliance (I → II): Now delivers 200 coin (down from 300).

  • Songhai Raid Ability: Raider spawn ability now takes 10 seconds (up from 5).


  • Forest Prowler:

    • Reduced hitpoints to 135 (from 137.5).

    • Reduced ranged damaged to 19 (from 20).


  • Chasqui: Automatic damage improvements from Age 3 upwards are now set to +8 damage per age (down from +10/+15/+15).

  • Chimu Runner: Melee damage reduced by -1.

  • Huaraca: Damage multiplier against Artillery reduced from 2.5x to 2.0x. Gets increased to 2.5x again upon researching Champion Huaracas.

  • Priestess: Successful conversions now play a sound.

  • Quipu Kamayuks (I): Chasqui speed improvement reduced to +5% (down from 10%).


  • Homecity shipment XP penalty reduced from 10% to 9%.


  • Architect:

    • Now take 34s to train to train (up from 25s).

    • Speed reduced to 4 (from 4.5).

  • Freemasonry (III):

    • Fixed an issue that allowed Architects to construct Forts when a Fort card has been sent.

    • Lets Architects construct Military buildings only +45% faster (before only walls).

  • Schiavone: Range reduced to 18 in Age 2, but automatically increases to 20 in Age 3.


  • Bakufu (III): Daimyo speed increase reduced to 5% (down from 10%) and LOS increase reduced to +10 (down from +20).

  • 8 Samurai (IV): Fixed an issue that prevented the card from being sent again in the Imperial Age.


  • Seven Council Fires (IV):

    • Cost reduced to 250c (from 400c).

    • Now ships 4 Club Warriors and 3 Wakina Riflemen instead of 2 Cetan Bowmen, 2 Club Warriors and 3 Wakina Riflemen.


  • Wignacourt Constructions (II): Fixed range display for the aura on several buildings.


  • Advanced Frontier Defenses (Central America): Cost reduced to 150w (from 200w).

  • Chinaco: Damage bonus against Heavy Cavalry reduced to 1.2x (from 1.25x).

  • Outlaw Combat (Filibusters): Cost reduced to 500c (from 750c).

  • Plan of Ayutla (IV): Fixed an issue that prevented the card from enabling Revolutionaries.

  • Plan of Miramare (IV): Now also improves the range of the Bandido’s dynamite attack.

  • Plan of Tuxtepec (III): Cost decreased to 500w 500f (from 1000w 1000f).

  • Salvadoran Coffee (Central America): Now caps at 10 Settlers.

  • Third Guarantee (II, Plan of Iguala): Now reduces Hacienda hitpoints by -35% (down from -50%).


  • Abus Gunner: Cost increased to 105c 50f (from 100c 50f).

  • Acemi Oglan (IV): No longer affects Abus Gunners, but Ottoman Heavy Infantry instead.

  • Azap:

    • Increased costs to 55f 40w (from 55f 35w) and train time to 29s (from 27s).

    • Corrected damage multiplier in melee from Ranged Shock Infantry to Shock Infantry.

  • Humbaraci: Cost increased to 110f 80c (from 110f 75c).

  • Yörük: Town Center construction rate slowed down to -50% (from -15%).


  • Grapeshot (IV): Fixed an issue that prevented some Organ Guns from moving after shipping this card.

  • Ordenança (III, Treaty of Tordesillas):

    • No longer improves hitpoints of Crossbowmen and Pikemen. Pikemen now gain extra hitpoints and damage from their Guard upgrade instead.

    • Crossbowmen no longer benefit from Valor Promotions, but instead have their cost reduced and are given rifles.

    • Cost increased to 2000f (from 1000f) and moved to Age 4. Icon updated.

  • Order Besteiros (IV): No longer reduces Crossbowman costs.

  • Organ Gun: Target lock removed.


  • Fixed the grunt voices of the Rekrut and Poruchik.

  • 6 Poruchiks (II): Added to homecity.

  • 17 Hussars (IV, 2000c): Added to homecity.

  • Bashkir Rebellion (III): Fixed an issue that prevented the Tengri alliance from working on some maps.

  • Landed Gentry (II): Moved to Age 1.

  • Poruchik:

    • Increased hitpoints to 130 (up from 120).

    • Damage increased to 17 (up from 16).

    • Upgrades now scale from about -20% lower base values.

  • Tsar Cannon (IV): Fixed a bug that allowed sending the card again in the Imperial age. Added cost of 200c.


  • Marvelous Year (III): Settler train time is now reduced by -25% (instead of -33%).

  • Walloon Guards (IV, Royal Decree To Claim The New World): Cost reduced to 2000c (from 3000).

United States

  • Carbine Cavalry: ROF slowed down to 2.5 (from 2.25) and damage increased to 19 (from 18.5).

  • Morris Canal: Future shipments arrive in 10s (up from 5s).

  • Boston Tea Party: Coin conversation rate down to +15% (from +25%).

  • Advanced Homesteading: Now adds 5 population space to Mills and Estates (down from 10) and increases LOS by +8 (down from +15).

  • Connecticut Shipwrights: Improves artillery train time by -15% (down from -25%) and for Heavy Cannons by -10%.

  • Hamiltonian Economics: Now correctly improves market buy rates by 5%.

  • Indiana Mobilization: No longer reduces the train time of Heavy Cannons.

  • Knox Artillery Train: Improves the the train time of Horse Artillery by -20% (down from -25%) and Heavy Cannons by -10% (down from -15%).

  • Kentucky Hunters: Added cost of 500c.

  • Kentucky Coalfields: Added cost of 200w.

  • German Immigrants: Cost increased to 250w (up from 200).


  • Outlaw Combat:

    • Cost of 750c removed in all revolutions except Baja California.

    • Fixed a duplicate appearance of this card when revolting from Malta.


  • Added several building and mercenary cards.


  • Barbary Combat: Added a combat card for Corsair Marksmen and Barbary Warriors.


  • Guard of Honor: Now also grants the Legion Dragoon upgrade for Portuguese Dragoons.

  • Added several resource cards.


  • Hudson Bay Company: Now sends 16 Deer (up from 12).

  • Added several Native cards.


  • Ranged Infantry Combat: Added a combat card for Khevite Fusiliers.


  • Armfelt’s Autonomy: Added cost of 500c.

  • Grand Duchy of Finland: Added cost of 500c.

  • Karelian Jaeger: Can now construct Arsenals.


  • African Roots: Yoruba Eso Rider population cost decreased to 2 (from 3)

  • Buccaneer: ROF improved to 2.5 (from 3).

  • Native Warrior Combat: Fixed the missing card for the British.

  • Wilderness Warfare: Card removed.


  • 1 Fort (infinite): Replaced with 1 Stronghold Travois.

  • Added several Inca cards.


  • Danubian Principalities: Now also sends an European Embassy wagon. Icon updated.


  • 1 Fort (infinite): Card removed.

  • Raadsaal (South Africa):

    • Added cost of 500c.

    • Reduced the discounts for Deforestation, Excessive Taxation and Large Scale Agriculture to -20% (from -25%) .

  • Trek Wagon: Reduced hitpoints to 350 (from 450).

  • Wagon Warfare (South Africa): Cost increased to 1000w (up from 400w) and now takes 60s to arrive (up from 40s).


  • Bushnell’s Continental Sappers: Now costs 800c (up from 500c) and sends 6 Petards (down from 10).

  • Knowlton’s Rangers:

    • Cost increased to 1000f (from 500f) and heavily limited benefits from Agents, Assassins, Military Drummers, and comparable cards.

    • Range reduced to 12 (down from 16) and hitpoints confined to 240.

    • Negative damage multipliers against Heavy Cavalry now apply to all Cavalry.

  • Knox Continental Artillery: Now costs 1000w (up from 500w). Fixed an issue where Culverins had no voice overs.

  • Lee’s Continental Light Dragoons: Fixed a bug that prevented the Dutch from receiving Guard Carbine Cavalry.


Team Maps

  • Removed Andes – Upper

  • Removed Niger Delta

  • Added Pampas Sierras

  • Added Malaysia

  • Added Fertile Crescent

Map Changes

  • Arabia: Adjusted huntable animals.

  • California: Improved resource placement.

  • Ireland: Adjusted whale constraints.

  • Savannah: Made several adjustment for Treaty.

  • Great Northern War: Fixed a bug that led to misplaced groupings.

  • Various other small bug fixes on several maps.


Reduce doppeldsoldner cost from 125 gold to 100

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nice, looks good! woooooo

I would be rolling on the floor laughing (and I’d probably die in the process given my fragile health) if the devs actually go “Sure thing!” replying to this and release the update right away.


Thanks devs in first instance.

Germans didnt need more natives, in fact they shouldnt get 1 pop units either. Too powerfull economy plus massable army is not a good idea.

Expected JPK promotion nerf, but why founder one?? Also, there is not any compensation on other units…

Spain shouldnt get instant missionaries (they do since tagged as cav).

And no changes for Maya.

Lets see what changes


For the love of God, just axe the multiplier completely. It makes no sense and causes them to be completely busted.


nah, how about giving them 1.75x vs Sipahi and only Sipahi?


ehmahgerd! pertch nerts!


Way to improve and at the same time denaturalize Peru


When Religion State. Church Tech For Mexico which Reduces the Age UP will be Cheaper? It Costs 500 Gold. Why reducing the Gold In Songhai Age UP? Only the Raider Cost nerf is Good. When Hausa will Get Ottoman Bombards From Egypt?

Errors in latam revolutions.
Peru, at a certain point Peruvian settlers cannot build native embassies. (the limit of structures that can be accessed in the menu has been exceeded)

Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro card enables the capitol but not its improvements.

Argentina, the Trattorias card means that Spanish and Germany settlers cannot build bars and the Buenos Aires card does not enable Lombards. (Note: enabling the Lombards could cause the same problem that the Peruvian settlers have).

PS: the bombards contract card is not infinite for Spain and Germany.

Thank you for improving the Peruvian revolution and thank you for adding San Martin. :smile:


They could improve the card selection tbh, right now is not much peru but Inca 2.0 with cathedrals


honestly it would have been better if you’d just not included any changes at all for lakota :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes <3 . small detail, but glad they did it.

is it worth it now? You need to train ~33 fusiliers to break even (300c->255c)
Edit: it pairs well with tillys disciplin, since mercs will be still cheaper afterwards (->285c)


Finally new pup. Let’s search for new maps, new (hidden) flags, new models ect


Nice, Poruchiks may actually be useful in Age 2 now


dont tell me you were the only one making maps :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


me opening the forum right now:


Infinite Armored pistoleer shipment for italy and a reduction to 3 pops for them please. They aren’t worth the same as a mamluck or elemeto.

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