AoE3DE Flag Maker Pack

Yes, your “Flag Icon.psd” file can be used as the background for The Expeditionary icons, however, those icons have additional graphics on top. For example, the " British Expeditionary Company" has a rifle icon on top of the flag background (per screenshot below). Therefore, your “Flag Icon.psd” file cannot be used to replace The Expeditionary icons, unless the modder uses software to corp out the icon on top and place it on the “Flag Icon.psd” file


In terms of inspiration flag, your “Object Flag.psd” file can be used to modify the inspiration flag model in the game. I tested the American one, replacing the “spc_americans.ddt” file after transforming the “Object Flag.psd” file works perfectly fine. (For Mexican, I assume you could replace the “mexican.ddt” file instead, but I have not tested it out)

Unless you were talking about inspiration flag icon, then yes, it would need a new file to replace that icon

Oh yes, I actually have prepared the icons to put on them as I worked on it with Ernestin1 on that part. I’ll contact him soon and try to include it in the next release.

And yes, I meant the icon of the inspiration flag.

Hi EmpAhmadK, I hope you are well, I would like to ask you to add the “flag maker” of inspiration flag icons, I am currently working on a project that uses that icon (It also serves to return to your country of origin, as with the revolutions in Mexico), and I would really appreciate it if you would add it.

Thank you very much for this wonderful tool.

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