AOE4 characters: Artstation

Incredibile how these artworks seem much realistic and detailed than what we seen during the game.
This guy made a Great job with models.

I really Hope to see a Graphic DLC which gives Justice to This beautiful art.

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Yes, the graphics for today are far too drawn or even children’s.

It’s crazy.

good models indeed but the models that we have now arent that bad , just look at this :
Captura de pantalla 2021-11-13 173052

this is a good model and you just cant say no.

Some are good, yes. Absolutely yes. The most of them not, unfortunately.

for example, i found these models pretty good

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The units all look great imo there is just some inconsistent textures on buildings and terrain.

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but unfortunately I have to play the game as it is …
I’m just saying it’s too cartoon for me …

Wow, I didn’t know I wanted to take a look at this, the concept art for the aoe4 models looks really good !

And the models do look like this in game, there’s definitely something to be said about the quality and variety in the various armors and outfits. Must have been a huge amount of work, research, and back and forth between the artist and the modeling team.

This. Many models in the game don’t appear detailed detailed. I know developers wanted to follow some compromises and making this game runable on many PC. Hovewer some more details and textures could be very appreciated.

I play the game on max, zooming in shows pretty decent textures and details. I do feel the work of the concept artist(s) is well respected.

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