AOE4 Client doesn't let me to publish any AOE4 Mod anymore, Error for Submitting AOE4 MOD, Error Code: C26T-9995R01X000 414D50620131, Please Need Help to Fix this Problem, thank you very much

I had publish my “Civilization Conquest v1.7.3” MOD before then AOE4 didn’t let me update my MOD that I tried for 2-3 days (AOE4 Support has said me that “we had server based problems”)… After that I decided to remove my “Civilization Conquest v1.7.3” MOD. Then 10 days passed and in the meantime I worked on my mod further to release with a big patch, and so I wanted to release and publish the “Civilization Conquest v2.0” MOD today. However, I still get the same ERROR CODE: C26T-9995R01X000 414D50620131. I even tried to verify game data etc but non of them solved my ERROR CODE: C26T-9995R01X000 414D50620131 problem.

When I put my MOD files to another computer to play multiplayer game with my friends, the MOD is working without any problems or errors. However, the game client doesn’t let me publish it…

I submitted a ticket for AOE4 Support, and their first reply to me was to ask in forums and AOE4 Support closed my 1st ticket. Then I opened another AOE4 Support Ticket, and no help at all and it was one week ago (There’s been a server issue last Friday.
Were you able to upload your Mod successfully? If not, please try it again.

Today, I opened another ticket as attached my MOD file that AOE4 Content Editor generates and I still wait AOE4 Support reply… Why AOE4 Support doesn’t help or try to solve this problem??? I have made lots of time to prefer this mod already. When I released it for one week before these problems started, it was +2000 subscription with 4.5/5.0 stars already from +30 votes.

Is there anyone knows how to fix this C26T-9995R01X000 414D50620131 ? Right now I cannot publish any MODs in the game. I even tried to publish a totally clean project and I still get the same Error Code C26T-9995R01X000 414D50620131… Is there anyone how to fix this problem? Thank you very much.

This is my MOD.

Thank you everyone for subscribing the “Civilization Conquest” Mod. I hope that you enjoy to play the AOE4. \r\n\r\n
Please do not forget to RATE this mod and if you have any opinions to add more features, or if you find any bugs, bad data error, misspells etc. Please write a comment, thank you very much. \r\n\r\n
With this mod, you will enjoy to play with your favorite civilizations to do conquests against your opponents in a smooth and enjoyable way. Your battles will last longer and you will experience intense battles when you fight against AI or real players. \r\n\r\n
Previous “Civilization Conquest v2.0” Patch Notes: \r\n\r\n

  1. All ground units have x2 more HP, \r\n\r\n
  2. All ships have x4 more HP, \r\n\r\n
  3. All siege units and attack ships are Auto-Target the enemy units, \r\n\r\n
  4. All buildings and walls have more HP, \r\n\r\n
  5. Villagers’ gathering animation for resources are x4 faster, \r\n\r\n
  6. You can place Siege Units on Bastions and Walls, \r\n\r\n
  7. All units’ production speeds are fixed to 12 seconds, \r\n\r\n
  8. All buildings are re-sized to %120, \r\n\r\n
  9. Every Civilization has their own Capital Names (except Holy Roman Empire which thy didn’t have any fixed capital, and some civilizations have more than one capital like China - because of multiple dynasties), \r\n\r\n
  10. All units cost 0.2 population capacity and villagers cost 0.1 - so you can produce 1000 units easily, even the default population capacity is 200, \r\n\r\n
  11. If you click to FORMATION BUTTON for siege units, you can make siege units to auto-target the enemy units, \r\n\r\n
  12. More Resources, \r\n\r\n
  13. Sacred Site - Capture and Revert Times are increased to 45 seconds and Sacred Sites will provide active and passive buffs to the armies who captured it, and Sacred Site radius is increased (Sacred Site generates GOLD already) and You can recruit King Units which thy will bring 150 Units Army to Aid you at Sacred Site with -%60 cost (comparing to Capital + Town Center buildings) and Choose the same “King Reinforcement Unit” with the same civilization you play. Otherwise "Pre-Cached Red Box Visual Error Happens, \r\n\r\n
  14. More Units can be stationed in the Keep - Capital - Town Centers, \r\n\r\n
  15. Keep - autotarget enemies and you can keep Siege Units inside of the Keep Building + Capital + Town Center (fishing ships too when you’re building near sea / river), \r\n\r\n
  16. Added available Campaign Faction Units that are not “Pre-Cached Red Box” visual errors. However, if you try to build these Campaign Faction buildings with the Campaign Villagers, your game might be crashed and most the Campaign Faction Units and Builds are flagged as “Pre-Cached Red Box” visual errors. I indicated these in the game’s unit text while you produce them. \r\n\r\n
  17. All Civilizations have their town King Unit to summon from their Capital and Town Center Buildings. Some civilizations have Elite Units from currently available Campaign with NO “Pre-Cached Red Box Visual Errors”. If AOE4 Developers fix these issues and let us MOD them again to access these named special units from campaigns more, I will add them. King and Elite units have active and passive skills to help you to improve your civilization’s production speed and efficiency economically and militarily. \r\n\r\n
  18. All the Neutral Builds (like Trade Posts etc.) in the game can act like a Town Center which your villagers can place the collected resources there. These buildings will provide active and passive buffs. You can place Units in these buildings and you can shoot the enemy players who get close, but even your units are inside of the building and shooting enemies automatically, the enemies can still continue to capture these Neutral Trade Posts. However, Enemy AI cannot use these buildings, so there will be no crash issues. From this building you can access to Huntable Deer, Boar, Sheep to hunt them for food resources. You can access to x3 Campaign Faction Villagers, so Civilizations like Russian and Mongol can build STONE WALLS. I have placed a special reinforcement unit there as Bohemians Crossbowman Units that you don’t have any control on them but their only purpose is to defend your Trade Town. You can access to every current available civilization’s hand-cannoneer units as mercenary units to recruit them to summon your favorite hand-cannoneer units. You can summon some of the siege units too. \r\n\r\n
  19. All Civilizations have their own unique gameplay, so I try to add new features according to that. For example, Mongols can gather stones and deliver these stones to GER / Town Center buildings. Ovoo building let Mongols to produces five units at the same time. All civilizations’ Town Centers + Capital Buildings have new CASTLE + SIEGE Grids which it will help you to access Elite Units, King Unit, Trader Unit, Defensive Soldiers with extra Cost – that you will see some of the Grid Boxes when you upgrade your Soldier Unit Amors to 4th Age to recruit them from Capital and Town Center buildings which if your enemy surrounded you and only place remained it is your Capital Building, you can continue to defend yourself until your resources are finished. Thus, you need to destroy all of the Landmarks of the Enemy Civilization to become victorious in the game. \r\n\r\n
  20. Chinese Civilization is more AOE2 which you have more villagers to recruit that you might develop slow at the 1st Age until you have enough villagers to gather FOOD Resources. However, Chinese Civilization has the fastest economy in the game; because of its villager population – worker capacity. \r\n\r\n
  21. You need to explore the MOD yourself; because there are many features I applied to every Civilization in the game. \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n
    Current “Civilization Conquest v2.1” Patch Notes: \r\n\r\n
    I will update it later once I have done the testing for the new features I try. \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n
    Note: \r\n\r\n
    -This MOD will be updated regularly and I try to add new features to my MOD everyday (I test different ideas and try to apply them), so Please “Do not forget to update your subscribed MOD regularly”.\r\n\r\n

-If you have any cool ideas you want to see in this MOD, please write a comment, thank you. \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n

What do you need to do in this mod to win the battle? \r\n\r\n
-Always target enemy economy buildings and enemy villagers first, and then so whoever pushes efficiently with good tactics via constantly reinforced army will win the battle. \r\n\r\n
-Do not let your enemy to place more and more Town Centers. Otherwise, it will be harder to predict where the enemy forces come from and stop the Enemy Advancement. Thus, placing Keep / Castle buildings is very important to prevent any Enemy Villagers to sneak into your territory to build their Town Centers. \r\n\r\n -Always Control the Trade Market and Sacred Site\r\n\r\n
-The most important factor here is to have a good economy to supply your army and pressure the enemy. \r\n\r\n
That’s all for now! We’re still hard at work on the next version which they will soon begin its first testing phase. In addition, many other things are still in development. Release will not be soon. \r\n\r\n
Yours, \r\n\r\n
The Civilization Conquest Team.

Thanks for your post, we are looking into it.

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I will look forward for your solution. Right now I cannot publish any mods. I re-installed the game with a clean re-installation, it didn’t work. Then I tried to publish it with my friend’s account and his computer it didn’t work too.

There is nothing wrong with MOD too; because when I build the MOD files in my friend’s computer - and then we still can play my MOD multiplayer with this tactic. However, this MOD cannot be published from game at all with this ERROR CODE: C26T-9995R01X000 414D50620131 problem. If the MOD was corrupted then we couldn’t play the mod multiplayer as the way I described above. I wrote and submitted this issue to AOE4 Support too but I still wait for a solution for 2 weeks already.

I will be really happy if you AOE4 Support friends would help me to solve this issue. I have spent lots of time and effort to make a nice MOD which I was able to publish it one time, but then I cannot publish it anymore; because of this ERROR CODE: C26T-9995R01X000 414D50620131 problem. All of this started with that server issues we have experienced 2 weeks ago which we couldn’t update the mods at all for 2-3 days and it was at the weekend. Thus, I had tried to remove it and re-published the MOD again, and I started to experience this ERROR CODE: C26T-9995R01X000 414D50620131 problem for +2 weeks already.

I will look forward your solution to fix this problem, thank you very much.

I’m not a dev, but had problems with publishing mods aswell. Is there anything in your warning log file?
It should be at
C:\Users[[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]]\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV

It’s what helped me solving my problem :slight_smile:

@Unauffaellig248 , my problem is solved itself but I don’t know how it is solved really. After 3 weeks, I tried to publish again and it worked :smiley:

You can subscribe my MOD from here.
Civilization Conquest MOD

Please let me know if you like and enjoy the mod^^.

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Great to hear!
We have been working hard on some of these issues recently.


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Dear AOE4 Support friend,

I try to update my MOD from v2.0.3 to v2.0.4 ,but it doesn’t update to v2.0.4 in AOE4 Modding website and in game MOD research section (even it says “your mod is updated” with notification in game, it only shows as v2.0.3 and it is like that for a few hours already).

If it is possible would you look into this issue please? thank you very much.