Aoe4 content editor troubleshooting

Hey! I have been playing around a bit with the content editor. I see that there is a very high level of customizability with it, which is great, but very overwhelming, haha. I have quite a bit of experience with modding aoe2 with advanced genie editor, but this is a whole new beast, haha. I just had a few questions, and figured I would start up a topic where we can all come together and figure this out together since this is new for all of us.

Right now the main think I am trying to figure out is locating where to modify a units stats.
-I understand that in order to mod a unit you need to clone the epds file for the unit under your new mod and check the “clong override parent” box. I have located where to change the hit points, which is cool, but in the millions of customizable options I cannot find anything to modify the unit attack, range, armor, movement speed, etc. I have tried using the search function and have not had much success. Has anybody been able to find out how to modify these things?

Hello :slight_smile:

There is a discord channel for aoe4 modders where you possibly get the answers.

You can find the link to the discord channel on this reddit post:

Thank you very much for your modding work and helping make aoe4 better.

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