AOE4 deserves an epic opening

Hello community :slight_smile:

In my opinion AOE4 should also have an epic opening like AOE3.

I think AOE4 would have a big film crew for that…

What do you think about it?

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Agreed AoE 4 should have some kind of cinematic opening all the other games did so why not aoe 4. AoE 2 Age of Kings had the best opening They should do something like that

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Among the many disappointments I had with Aoe 1 and 2 DE was that they didn’t include remastered versions of the opening cinematics. I just have to get by with the My Little Pony versions: Aoe1 Aoe2


Tbh I was expecting some cool, well made cinematics as well. Too late for that.

Budget cuts I guess? Who knows, the epic cinematics of the older titles are nowhere to be found here. The definition of mediocrity this game. From graphics, video and music to gameplay, civs and features, not a single aspect where it excels at.

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Dude so true.
They could use the siege from the 2019 trailer or something.
Also you dont get to hear the full aoe4 theme on the start either.

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I specifically like that there isn’t a long (eventually repetitive) movie I have to skip every time I start the game.

I still have the developer flash to get through, but props to the devs for letting me esc out of that too.


Interestingly, Dawn of War 3 had a big cinematic trailer and intro video.

Relic were criticised because it wasn’t representative of the actual gameplay. My belief is that the same would’ve happened here.

Happy to hear that lots of people also would like to have a epic opening for AOE4.

I would prefer a cinematic trailer similar to AOE3.

Modern games no longer have such long intros…not even the DE (except the 3 DE) keep their original intros…

Yeah it’s always the players’ fault for asking for too much and never getting satisfied.
Poor relic. What should they do?

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Interesting they chose to make documentary style scenarios but skipped the intro. So what?

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They probably reduced its budget to fund tournaments so the pro players can benefit and all the players will lose content 11

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I said nothing about what the players asked for, but you do you.

Yes first the game must have new content before using the money to make expensive tournaments. A modding event would be better to support the modding community.


They could have gone light on the opening like Stronghold Crusaders and it still may have been epic. I don’t know how this game starts because I disable start.

It could be interesting some streams about devs playing with the editor too. It would encourage people curiosity to mod

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