Aoe4 disconnects me from the internet than crashes game

Happens often in game disconnects me from the internet couple times than my game crashes, I close the game and the internet turns normal again.

Anyone else have this problem?

I truly doubt that you’re losing connection to the internet because of the game. It would be reasonable to say that you’re losing the connection to the game, but I truly doubt that the game makes u lose your internet all together.

Hi ,

Were you able to find a fix for this problem? I am having the exact same issue , Only since last couple of weeks . Playing AOE4multiplayer seems very laggy and then in the middle diconnects the wifi , This even affects discord and then turns wifi on again . Because of this i cannot play multiplayer game for more than 15 mins . I am using the same internet connection with same Discord and my gamepass account to play other multiplayer games without even a single drop/ slow down in the connection , so it is definitely the game thats causing the issue

Hey, all! Definitely contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file so we can check into this. Thanks!

I’ve been encountering the exactly same issue and it’s true that, every time I launch the game my computer gets disconnected from WIFI.
I cannot be more disappointed how the developers work on their product… (I’m a developer too)