AOE4 : Error code C00T01R-3X-01 52656C6903B1

I’ve installed AOE IV on my laptop using Microsoft Store.
While launching game I got this error message:


I cannot find any other way to skip this and launch the game…
It is whitelisted on firewall, Defender and antivirus.
Already done restart of router / switch off of the antivirus, and malwear app.

I’ve installed the game on another laptop (also using Microsoft Store) in the same network and it is connected correctly. But I want to install it on another laptop which is more powerfull.

Any help would be appriciated.

Anyone? Any ideas? Please HELP.
Last two days I have:

uninstalled Antivirus, now using only MS Defender.
updated my WIndows 10 Pro to the latest version 21H2
uninstalled game AOE IV and installed again using MS Store

How can I contact any support? Cannot find this error in the Internet.

Hii !
I´m sorry, i cant help you directly with this, but here is the link to get assistant from the Official support !
Create a support ticket here

Greetings, maxy

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@EveryHickory307 Did they help you?
I have the same problem. I contacted the support via their form 3 times the last month, but not even once I got an answer or confirmation.
I think I will never buy a Microsoft Store game again.

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Hi, I have just solved the issue by myself.
What I did is simple :slightly_smiling_face:
I have installed XBox (simple, no Game Pass, green icon) application from Microsoft Store and logged on.
Then I left the app opened in the background and launched AoFiV.
It’s working :slight_smile:
I hope it will help you also. Let me know.

Didn’t work on my end and still no support. I’m really wondering why the refuse to help me…

Had the same problem when I started playing a few weeks ago, just posting in case it helps someone.

My fix: Disable windows firewall while playing (not ideal but only thing that works for me).

Seems to me there is some issue with the relic .exe file, or it uses some other file or process in addition to the .exe, whitelisting it does not work as it should…