AOE4 : Error code C00T01R-3X-01 52656C6903B1

I’ve installed AOE IV on my laptop using Microsoft Store.
While launching game I got this error message:


I cannot find any other way to skip this and launch the game…
It is whitelisted on firewall, Defender and antivirus.
Already done restart of router / switch off of the antivirus, and malwear app.

I’ve installed the game on another laptop (also using Microsoft Store) in the same network and it is connected correctly. But I want to install it on another laptop which is more powerfull.

Any help would be appriciated.

Anyone? Any ideas? Please HELP.
Last two days I have:

uninstalled Antivirus, now using only MS Defender.
updated my WIndows 10 Pro to the latest version 21H2
uninstalled game AOE IV and installed again using MS Store

How can I contact any support? Cannot find this error in the Internet.

Hii !
I´m sorry, i cant help you directly with this, but here is the link to get assistant from the Official support !
Create a support ticket here

Greetings, maxy

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