AOE4 Farming Speed Limit

I recently watched Spirit Of The Law’s farming video (AoE4 farming mechanics, tips, and civ bonuses - YouTube) and it got me thinking.
If I’m understanding correctly, each farm tile (wheat) replenishes 10 food after 75 second. This means that the absolute maximum food per minute the farm could be regenerating if all tiles are depleted is:

10/75 food per tile per second X 12 tiles X 60 seconds/min
= 96 food per minute
Could this be the AOE4 farming speed limit?!

For rice fields, the calculation is:
7.5/30 food per tile per second X 16 tiles X 60 seconds/min
= 240 food per minute!

My take away is that if there is ever something like the aoe2 256x cheat in age4, rice civs will be top-tier for farming with stacked farming techs.

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Well, i think i did not give enouf attention to the farm.

I feal bad sbout it. XD

It should have been explaned in the game introduction.

It is a clever game upgrade, that give a futher step to the aoe series.

I was sure it was a randum gathering.

Afther hearing and seing the video, i will place 2 mill at the oposite side of one farm, for bether food gathering and to lower the need of villager in farm. ( il will alow to make more military units and give a push)

That’s actually a pretty cool feature. Rice was a highly efficient grain crop, and they portrayed it correctly.

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