AoE4 feedback according to the AI ChatGPT

Single Player.

  • Improvements in the AI of the enemies to make it more challenging and realistic.
  • Greater variety in the campaign, with more unique missions and historical events that better reflect the era in which the game takes place (In my opinion it is very complex to carry out campaigns of the same style, but at least that it is done in the traditional way).
  • A greater variety of units, buildings, and technologies so that players can experiment with different strategies and playstyles.
  • A robust and accessible (in-game) scenario editor that allows players to create and share their own custom campaigns and missions. (In Multiplayer too).
  • More civilizations and historical leaders to play in campaign and custom games.
  • More customization options, such as the ability to adjust the AI ​​difficulty, change the game rules, or choose the amount of starting resources (Without having to download mods for it).
  • A more advanced tutorial mode than the one that exists for a better understanding of the game.
  • Pause mode.


  • UI improvements to make the experience easier to understand and more friendly to new players.
  • Improvements in the connectivity and stability of the servers to minimize the disconnection and interruption of the games (Reconnecting too plz).
  • Being able to include some aesthetic mod in rankeds.
  • This is personal, being able to unite the walls of the allies.
  • Increased in-game security and integrity to ensure fair play.
  • A stronger and fairer ranking system that allows players to be matched up with other players of similar skill.

  • I would personally add a better replay mode (go back and forward), so you can send them as files and they don’t get lost. Players can’t hide ranked games in the history and a more polished match observer mode, where you can easily watch any match by looking for a player.

  • Improve more wildlife in the game.

What has been missing to put that can complete and satisfy the players?


¿Cómo escribiste la lista de requerimientos Adribird?

Una de las cosas que me gustaria es más contenido de un jugador y cambiar un poco las campañas que son la verdad erráticas, sin profundidad de desarrollo más que en los documentales iniciales y redudantes en los objetivos.

I asked the AI ​​if it had access to the Internet. I told the bot that Age of Empires IV came out in 2021 and to look at feedback from players divided into Singleplayer and Multiplayer. I also urged ChatGPT to give me more examples than what he gave me.

Perhaps in your case it will change (I was surprised that, in my language, it did not talk about improving the graphic section), try to see what you think.

Hay que ser muy preciso en la pregunta e insistir, creo que ha sido muy acertada.

Revert the $*#&ing AI… ChatGPT has let me down :frowning:

Why? I look great feedback.

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