AoE4 FOV Hacks exist, Please Address this Relic

I will be trying to spread awareness. The hack is also LIVE on the most popular cheater site in the last 10 years for, to my knowledge, free.

Relic, please address.

idk tho, he put bunch of vils on that big gold tile, not a bad idea to use army there to defend them. its the only land choke on this map anyway so not unlikely to run into army there
But i like the bois WE GOTTEM

My biggest mistake is using this clip to show what we saw.

You can check out the match yourself watch it from their vision or what the game deems their vision.

They never had vision of the archers moving around them and that close to their base.

We even took multiple double reloads of the game to figure out where he had vision or when did he scout those archers.

at the 1:14:00 mark you can start, if you wish.

What site is this? Your video didn’t convince me maybe he was just looking around for your army/ happened to find them there? If I watched the whole thing maybe it would be clearer.

Anyone doubting there are map hacks in this game is as silly as anyone believing the video shared by OP is proof of map hacks.

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I didnt have time to watch the entire game, but it does look a bit suspicious indeed for them to mass cav at that specific place at that specific time if they hadnt seen your archers at all.