Aoe4 gold runs out too quickly

In aoe4 a lot of upgrades are mostly gold and are very expensive. However the mines can run out very quickly resulting need for trade very early. It is really annoying. Does anyone feel the same way?

Mines are finite resources in Age of Empires. For mid to late game, trade is how gold is collected.


There’s plenty of gold to get to Imperial age and get upgrades, maybe you can’t always afford ALL the expensive late game University techs, but those are decisions you have to make on what to prioritize.

Plus many civs have unique ways of generating infinite gold, and everyone has trade as an option for infinite gold.

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I think gold is fine however stone on the other hand is too much nerfed along side walls and castles. There is almost no point in building them soon and I feel its sad when we have this new wall system in this game. Wish it could be used more in games orher than dying to siege units in 2-3 seconds.