AOE4 History Section

Could someone post the history section texts of AOE4’s various civilisations and technologies etc in the Forums please? Does it even exist?

I’m trying to see how they differ from what is listed in the AOE2DE history section. Thanks!

Sadly there is no history section/compendium in Aoe4. As a lover of history it is sadly something I have often wanted. Alas, the game was rushed out in my opinion, and this, along with many other small features, were left undone. There are some historical “fun facts” you can find on the wiki that are derived from the civ masteries, but that’s about it sadly. For example: English/Mastery | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

I’ve asked for a history section in every seasonal survey, but not yet :frowning:


Yeah, the closest you get in AoE 4 are the masteries and campaign unlocks that bring in all kinds of trivia about the civs. A real history compendium as it was present in AoE 2, 3 and Myth (and 1 in the manual) would be awesome tho.

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I mean, I was looking for a write up on the Abbasids, Delhi Sultanate, Malians, etc. But nothing. That’s shoddy af.

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I’ve brought adding a compendium for a while now. Really unfortunate for a game that marketed itself as being history friendly it lacks another resource where people can learn about history.

Hopefully, they add one. It’s a frequent request.

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I’m not sure you’d want to read a history section in a game that gives men-at-arms and springald ships to the Delhi and Mongols.


There is no history section in AOE4 LOL
Yet they did state it is all about history…

And here we go xD
As always AOEIV is a lackluster of a game…
And I think they will never add it because they are too busy trying to change the balance of the units to please pros lol