AoE4 Idea: Romanian Civilization

Originally I posted this for Age of Empires 2 and someone told me that they no longer make new civs for AoE2 and I should try writing this for AoE4.

May I please request to add Romanians in Age of Empires 4?

Name? Romanians in the middle ages used to be called Vlachs, but they called themselves Romanians, this is not the case anymore but back then it was like how Germany calls itself “Deutschland” but it is called different things by other nations.

Looks? Considering that Romania is Eastern European like the Magyars and Slavs most buildings and units will look the same.

Culture? Like the Slavs, the Romanians had Boyars as nobles and Orthodoxy as religion, the Romanian culture was influenced by the Slavic and Orthodox Christianity comes from the Byzantines.

Speciality? Romanians were used to being outnumbered in most of their battles and usually used hit & run and encirclement tactics. In Moldavia, every peasant was military trained.

There is a reddit post that made a similar suggestion with examples for how Romanians should be in the game:

Language? You can use modern Romanian, unlike English that changed so much that Old English is a completly different language, Old Romanian and Modern Romanian are mutually intelligible.

AI Rulers? In chronological order:

  • Basarab I the Founder (1310 - 1352) - Founder of Wallachia.
  • Bogdan I the Founder (1307 - 1367) - Founder of Moldavia.
  • Mircea the Elder (1355 - 1418) - Prince of Wallachia, great-grandson of Basarab I.
  • Vlad II the Dragon (1395 - 1447) - Prince of Wallachia, son of Mircea the Elder, father of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Vlad III the Impaler (1431 - 1476) - Prince of Wallachia, Dracula’s campaign is about him.
  • Radu the Fair (1437 - 1475) - Prince of Wallachia, younger brother of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Stephen III the Great (1435 - 1504) - Prince of Moldavia, cousin of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Alexandru Lapusneanu (1499 - 1568) - Prince of Moldavia.
  • Matei Basarab (1588 - 1654) - Prince of Wallachia.
  • Vasile Lupu (1595 - 1661) - Prince of Moldavia.
  • Michael II the Brave (1558 - 1601) - Prince of Wallachia and Moldavia.
  • Constantin Brancoveanu (1654 – 1714) - Prince of Wallachia.
  • Dimitrie Cantemir (1673 – 1723) - Prince of Moldavia.

Please make it happen, it would mean a lot to many Romanians.


Lol we only have 2 certain civs so far but I imagine at least 40

No, Wallacia only…(inmho)

We have already a topic up to discuss about civs, I do not get why people prefer open new topics instead leaving a reply.

Anyway I was hoping for AoE1 civs but that’s not gonna happen based on the info. They said that we are gonna play less civs than AoK this means less than 13. The era will be the same as AoK but will start abit earlier and will finish abit later. So it’s up to speculation but I do not think that will go too far as my wishes goes.

Sai this cross your fingers like I said to the Polish guy hoping for a Polish faction :wink:

This is not gonna happen (unluckily) at start we get less than 13 - they said that there are gonna be less civs than AoK. We can hope on a lot DLCs :wink:

They’ll most likely give us expansion packs that adds more civs as we go forward with the game but it all matters how successful the game becomes in the end that will be the judge of that. Let’s hope for the best!


I really like these news, i don’t know if i am minority amongst AoE fans (been playing aoe 2 conq since released and picked up aoe 2 DE to remember the old days) but i really like less civs more uniqueness… i secretly hope for as little as 4-5 civs to be honest but granted that each and every one is unique in units buildings and most importantly game play aspects. I have played the starcraft 2 a bit competitively some years ago and figured out that AoE2 is a better game in every aspect except the way civs are designed. I prefer the random map generation that offers infinite variety even if it is a hit on balance, it makes the game more fun and unpredictable… i prefer the economy of aoe of course…i prefer the overall balance of macro/micro…but i prefer starcraft’s totally unique races in gameplay and i am really glad that AoE IV seems to take it on that direction.

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Personally I would prefer to not see RNG layout of the maps (dynamic ground). I would prefer Maps to be static, I say this because I’m a kind of person who usually play on those maps I like more. You can have a Random map pick option while going multiplayer. I also would like to see a map ban draft for ranked games. Map ban draft should work like I seen for Hots so far in those years: people start banning maps one by one, a player can ban only one each turn, the draft ends when remains just one map. I Would like also to see Civs bans if we get too many. Keep in mind that draft/bans is one of the things that helps to balance/counter in games.

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I am not sure if this can be implemented in a fan way, i suppose when you say “like hots” you mean like hots heroes ban draft because hots doesn’t have map ban for players at all. They just rotate every season and change pool. Maps ban is definitely good though for an RTS game i agree.
About civs, i am not so sure, the reason mobas ban drafts can add strategic depth is because heroes are a very unique and more importantly, have alot of unique synergies with one another, so you ban a hero not because of that hero but because of the rest of the heroes are picked could create a dynamic combo that you don’t want… i am not sure this can or should apply to an RTS civs / races etc.

Map ban was something used during Tournaments only and that was the best thing ever. Cause you can counter players who perform better on certain maps or simply counter snowball maps. I suppose they where using something like this It’s not a system that were implemented in to the game.

Do not forget we are gonna get Civs heroes with unique abilities and do not forget we can play to a maximum of 8v8 so I suppose we can combo Civs traits/heroes someway.

I’d be happy to see Wallachia only too. But why though? Wallachia and Moldavia were different countries but they were both Romanian, commonly referred to as “the Romanian principalities”.

Stephen the Holy and Great of Moldavia could make for a unique campaign that doesn’t exist in any other game as far as I know, unlike Dracula. He ruled from 1457 to 1504, very uncommon at the time, for every victory he would shoot an arrow to the sky and build a new Church to thank the Lord, he built a total of 44 Churches as he had a total of 44 victories and 2 defeats throughout his life. These 44 victories include battles against the Hungarians, Wallachians, Poles, Tatars and Ottomans, basically everyone around him. And the 2 defeats were only at the hands of the Ottomans in heavily outnumbered battles.

The Pope called him “the Athlete of Christ” despite him being Orthodox. He even asked all European nations for a new crusade against the Ottoman Empire in 1476 but they refused as they were too busy fighting each other. He eventually gave in an accepted Ottoman suverainity but how he managed to resist with a small state is quite remarkable in my opinion.

His character is also remarkable, while he did his share of unethical thigns like his cousin, Vlad the Impaler, he stated that he hates war and wants to live in peace and understanding with neighbouring nations, stating that Moldavia doesn’t belong to him, that he is Stephen the third of Moldavia, not Moldavia of Stephen the third, and that Moldavia belongs to the future generations, to our children and their children’s children forevermore. He even told the Sultan that if you already have so much money and riches what are you doing in my country?

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Concerening Romanian rulers that can make a unique campaign for Age of Empires 4:

1. Stephen the Great

The first video is focused on Stephen the Great’s reign and second video is focused on Stephen the Great’s wars. Stephen the Great and Vlad the Impaler were cousins and their grandfather was Mircea the Elder.

2. Vlad the Impaler

The first video is focused on himself and the second video is focused on his wars. The 3rd video “I am the real dracula” is a first-person storytelling video. Since Vlad the Impaler is already in the campaign of Age of Empires 2 (with no Romanian civilizaiton though :frowning:) it’s unlikely that his campaign will be added in Age of Empires 4.

3. Michael the Brave

The first video is about Micahel the Brave’s life and battles and the second video is a summary of Michael the Brave’s wars with a map. Although Michael the Brave’s reign was short comparative to other rulers mentioned, he more than makes up for this in the size of his achievement. He was the first to manage to unite Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia under a single rule. His dream of a united Romania was a reality only for 3 months and without international recognition, but his deeds had a long-term psychological impact for generations to come. His seal represented the Two Rampant Lions affronts supporting the trunk of a tree where all 3 seals of the Romanian principalities were located, this was a symbol of a reunited Dacia, after his death the idea of a union between the 3 Romanian principalities began to take shape in the national conscience, which 3 centuries later became a reality.

4. Mircea the Elder

The first video is about Mircea the Elder himself and the second video about his most famous battle, the Battle of Rovine. Although during Mircea the Elder’s reign Wallachia reached its maximum size and he defeated the Ottomans on numerous occasions, he tends to be overshadowed by the 3 other rulers mentioed above.

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