AoE4 is in Steam Summer Sale

The game is 50% off during Steam’s Summer Sale.

If the game has promise of being updated along the following lines, I’d purchase. If not, I’ll just keep waiting, indefinitely.

Has anyone heard if the following are upcoming changes? Or are devs or publisher able to chime in?

For at least un-ranked games, even if just for personal games between me and computer, are there plans to ever:

  1. Increase max population count to at least 400, preferably 500?
  2. Let us zoom out more (and not just by 2 pixels)?
  3. Revamp the UI or give an option in Settings for us to switch to a more classic UI, where colors and 3-dimensionality exist in icons?
  4. Make water more beautiful to look at on more maps?
  5. Make all units consume only one population slot?
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better wait to see what will they announce so you don’t get disapointed


I’m not sure the devs are going to come out with changes specifically aimed at you. We’ve just had a large seasonal update, too.

I really want the devs to be more forthcoming, but I don’t see anyone getting their personal wishlist 100% implemented.


Thanks, GorbMort. I’ve seen more than one feedback on items 1, 2, and 3… okay, a lot… so I don’t consider those personal wishlist items.

I put 4 and 5 at the bottom because those are more personal wishlist-y in nature, but even #4 has some fellow backers, and I’d be surprised if you didn’t want better looking water (or any other improved graphics or variety in graphics). Or, I guess, it’s possible you don’t care too much about graphic aesthetics or variety, which is fine. 5 isn’t a dealbreaker, but would be nice.

1, 2, and 3 would probably convince a fair number of lurkers sitting on the sidelines to buy.

1 and 5 you can already do this. Theres heaps of game modes with 1000 popultion

Advance game settings mode has heaps of different setting to play with


The game is a crazy bargain at half price.


In number 1 and 5 you can download the mod “Advanced Settings” in the rest I don’t know.

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Nice! Thank you, I didn’t know this!

If you like single player missions. Few of the moders are getting really good with the editor. Can check them out if you get the game

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I would tell you to wait until October… the game is getting better, but very slow… while you can play the other AoE in the meantime…

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I like single player random conquest games. That is my preference. I dont play many campaign type of matches

I might also like to team up with a friend vs. AI in the random conquest matches on occasion.

That is pretty much it

Are the modders getting good at that? And are they making custom graphics, where the water looks beautiful, rather than drab brown with obvious repeating rock texture at bottom?

Good call. I will wait and see what happens. I’m in no hurry. Steam will have a Winter Sale, maybe it will be 60%-75% off for that, as I think it will be 2 solid years old by then

Yes, I was about to buy Return of Rome, but since it was expensive, I ended up buying Fallout 76 and Titanfall 2…


It’s actually less than 50%. The game launched at 60, then they reduced it to 40, the sale of 50% makes it 20. Probably the fair price for this game. Clearly 60 was too aggressive and they still can’t build the playerbase at the current price. They’ve put it on sale a dozen times the past couple years, I’ve never seen a game devalue itself so much. Which is good for us because it needs all the help it can get to maintain relevance. But still a sign that things are basically swirling the drain.

You can count on it.

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The game is updated non-stop since its launch.

19,99 euros for a game like AoE 4 is a great bargain


If I take a small spoon out of a huge pot from the stove every day, is that updating the content nonstop?
Come on dude… The has been updated, but in almost 2 years barely 10% of the required fixes have been done only. The game is still broken and should be 10€ max.