AOE4 is more like 3, AOE3 is more like 4

Which only do boring single target damage…
Unlike falconets, flaming arrows, flying crows, horse cannons, bombards, leather cannons etc in aoe3, including ragdoll effects upon killing units and rolling cannonballs after hitting the ground.

Quite a sad step back.


Bombards in AOE4 are OP enough, thanks.


Dmg could be reduced, aoe effect added, problem solved.
Right now bombards are basically snipers to oneshot expensive single targets.

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I don’t think getting rid of the super over the top ragdolls is a step back.

They could add in some more death animations for certain situations though.

The ribauldequin has aoe damage, and mangonels/bees. Most cannons really shouldn’t have much aoe, maybe in a line though like AoE2 scorpions.

I personally do think it’s a big step back to be honest.

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Not sure what is meant by this exactly, but theres lots of variations between AoE2 units and AoE4 units (archers and crossbows having distinct purposes, no skirmisher) If instead you mean all civs have largely the same units, that’s just Age of Empires.

AoE2 siege and gunpowder do area of effect damage

This was literally only in AoE3

Neutral trading sites, and ability to trade actual resources on some civs

Completely new system. AoE 2 gave damage, melee armor or pierce armor to a specific subset of units (infantry, cavalry, archers). AoE4 system gives specific type of damage (melee, ranged) and armor (melee armor, ranged armor) to all units.

Just the mangonel, ram, bombard and treb are the same. Other types were added in AoE4

No fire ships, and ships are categorized by size now, but most are essentially arrow ships. Fishing ships can repair boats now.

I can agree that there’s definitely a lot of inspiration from AoE 2, but other than the macro, the mechanics are quite different, and I think the setting has more to do with that than gameplay. Certainly not an AoE2DE2. I see a lot of similarities between AoE4 and AoEO or AoM gameplay-wise as well.


I actually really like this new system. Often in AoE 2 it is hard to justify a tech switch or diversifying your composition because of the investment needed into upgrades. I think this new system in concert with the counter system is better at encouraging diverse compositions.