AOE4 is more like 3, AOE3 is more like 4

AOE4 is more like age of empire 3

AOE 3 is more like age of empire 4

do you feel the same with me?


Can’t see that. Because it’s 3D?

That makes even less sense.

Not really, but I appreciate that you shared your thoughts :slight_smile:


AOE4 is more like age of empire 2


You mean thematically/chronologically right? As in the historical setting, style and chronological order?

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I think it’s more of a combination of 2 and M. AoE4 and AoE3 both have guns but so does AoE2. AoM has a similar age up system as AoE4.

No definitive similarities that I can think of here. They’re kind of close by a few centuries but I’d still say it’s closer to AoE2.

no. definitely no.


Has a lot of AOE2 eco when I played it I thought


I would guess that mechanically AOE4 sits between 2 and 3, so maybe he means that AOE4 feels more like a successor to AOE2 and predecessor to AOE3.


Do you mean: Age of Mythology

Seriously. AOE4 by design is more like a medieval AOM without gods than any other game in the series, in a lot of ways.


The game is literally closer to Cossacks (setting buildings on fire, infantry unable to attack stone walls, area of effect mills, persisting building rubble, tiered ships) than it is to AoE3. The basis is overwhelmingly AoE2, of course.


Aoe4 is Aoe2DE2
(More than 20 characters)


nope, AOE 4 is AOE4. It borrows some mechanics from previous games in AOE franchise, but it’s a standalone game with it’s own original ideas.


Same generic units as aoe2, almost entirely symmetric and generic throughout the civs, same eco buildings: mills, fields, lumber and mining camps, same 4 resources, gunpowder siege weapons still don’t do area damage and cannonballs don’t have ragdoll effects on units, same trade mechanics, almost 100% same generic upgrades through blacksmith, same types of siege weapons, same types ships and fishing ships…
Also, which is a big issue to me, the flat armor/dmg/piercing armor upgrade and calculation system. They better kept the relative system like in aoe3 to prevent extreme changes like 10dmg-9armor = 1 effective dmg Vs 11 dmg-9armor = 2 effective dmg.
One tiny upgrade but you gain 100% extra damage, makes no sense and disbalances the gameplay.
On the other hand there are units with super high damage but low attackspeed and units with super low dmg but high attackspeed.
Once you stack armor, the low dmg per hit units are basically screwed.
On the other it doesn’t almost make sense to stack armor Vs unit types with really high dmg per hit, as it almost doesn’t change their effective damage at all.

In aoe3 melee and ranged resistance were % based, so this was never an issue.
You still had to micro HARD to prevent overkills.
Aoe2/aoe4’s system seems flawed to me.

How can it be any closer to aoe2?
Seems like an almost copy to me.
Almost nothing here reminds me of the glorious aoe3 tbh.


Aoe4 don’t looks like aoe2 because the way the game is played is very different (macro is maybe the same, but absolutly not the micro).

Aoe4 is much closer to AoM/AoEO.

Strongly disagree and i come from aoe3, the current systeme is a way more deep because it change the interaction between units and some units benefits more from upg, like SC2 wich is very well balanced.


Age 4 doesn’t really feel anything like aoe 3 to me. It’s 3D and the eco is a bit faster then 2 but that’s really the only similarities


No way, AoE 3 is mostly detached from AoE IV, II, I. that are related to each other.

In terms of economic structure imitation, it is indeed like AOE2,

But from my PVP experience, it’s actually more AOE3 style.

Whether it is the tactical thought or the way of military control.

No… No… No…

Sorry for my poor English

What I really mean is…

AOE4 should be named age of empire “3”

AOE3 should be named age of empire “4”


He means in chronicle order of the setting :wink:

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thank goodness, I thought it was a more ‘game is desastrr’ speech.

Isn’t AoE2 closer though? I don’t know the dates.

AOE2 has only bombards as the latest unit, while AOE4 has “normal” cannons.