AOE4 is on sale

I know most people on here probably have the game but if you don’t or know someone that’s looking to get it then aoe4 is currently 40% off standard price.

Judging by previous sales it will likely last for a week.



Till 4th May actually, so two weeks. The rest of the Age series is also on sale


If I could refund the game I would do that immediately, sadly I learn next time when I buy something like that I would first test it. Thank God I understand that this company made CoH 3 because I was close to buy that also.

If someone is thinking to buy it and look for opinions, try it on xbox pass first.

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The other AoE games are also on sale.

AoE3 DE is 75% off and AoE2 DE is 33% off.


guys i have a qus.
which version should i purchase to play AOE IV multyplayer and from which platform?

Steam is way better

Can join the steam updates ever few months.
Smaller patch updates

If you have a xbox one you might rather microsoft so you can use it on the console when its released

And later on if you change platforms, you cant keep your game data


Do you have anything else to add other than destructive opinions?


it only show how badly this game went. nothing personal but an opinion about the state of the game. constructive and way to fix it were said in this forum but the response is slow so it’s normal


yes the siege nerft, tower rush nerft, new naval battle system, map bans, select, color, reassignable key etc. etc without it the game would not have the acceptable number that it has

I care more about balance than things like color selection, but I know that most players are casual and I have to accept the game’s priority list.

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It’s a game sale thread and the game is in better shape than it was at launch. A player can try it for 2 hours on Steam and, if they are not interested, they can refund it.

Negative opinions that do not contribute only generate toxicity.


yup it is in better shape. there’s no doubt on that but still missing features that this forum and other complain. rts is an complex genre. one that want to judge completely the game has to play the campaign, some matches and check the answer from the devs to patches and fixes (specially on live services). The exception are veterans who can rely their previous experience to compare and see if the formula actually improved or not. New player in rts or to the franchise obviously needs more time to complete those requisites and have an precise jugdement. Yeah negative opinion do not contribute but remenber they are not the cause of the problem but was cause by the state of the game. Is it annoying? yes but neccesary because some of those requests were heard (few ones but count) like the colour selection.

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I give tons of constructive feedback and also said that the voice of the civilizations are really good.
Also the eco mechanics of certain civs is really fun.
What did you do to improve the game ?
Telling everyone the game is one of a kind ?


Its a full microsoft sale with all there games. Dont know what your going on about.

And it normally goes on sale when all age of empire games are on sale.

I already bought the game last promotion. How much was the discount back then? I do not remember.

Now I want to play the Ottomans and the Malians who are inspired by AOE-3 which is my overall favorite game.

It would be suspicious if only AOE-4 got into promotion, but it’s actually quite a lot of games from XBOX Games.

Well best if people buy the Age of Empires 25th Anniversary Collection and let them decide whats best to play