Aoe4 keep selecting wrong audio device

I am currently having this minor issue whenever I launch aoe4, it keep selecting other audio device except my audio interface which I set it as default.
For example, aoe4 launch will always select my monitor audio as output despite my default audio output is my audio interface.
Although i can simply fix it by changing audio output at app volume and audio preference, it still a hassle to keep changing in every launches.

Please advise is there a way where I can modify it permanently in a setting.ini file?
Or any other solution without reporting this as a bug?

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Lots of people have this from what I see and should be considered as a bug. I would post in the bug section maybe they patch it out.

Sorry to hear you are running into this @DwightFalcon! Would you be willing to contact support here with a summation of the issue and your DxDiag?


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Hi thanks for the reply.
Just replying to inform I have submitted ticket to the support.
Thank you.

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Thank you!! My small reply won’t tell you how much we appreciate you and those who go through the trouble to give us their logs…but they really do make a difference.