AOE4 - Make it playable on Xbox petition

By the way AoE4 will be available on gamepass. So I think console players will be able to play the game via xCloud with keyboard and mouse on their Xbox.

RTS are unplayable on controller. No sane person would ever try to.

I really was looking forward to playing this on my series X. Not to mention I feel like it was very misleading, saying it’s a Xbox exclusive, different media sites saying it will be on next get Xbox. Plus them having it on game pass and in every advertisement for aoe4 having the Xbox logo. Like Xbox made this game and it’s not on its next gen consoles! I’m Soo let down I know this would not be hard Todo. Please bring this game to next gen xboxs at least like you lead me to believe. Honestly this is unacceptable to me and frustrating as hell. Please bring it to series x s. At least. It was supposed to be a XBOX EXCLUSIVE. not a PC exclusive. Unbelievable! I mean c’mon. I could go on forever I was so looking forward to this. Imagine my surprise when I literally get a message from gamepads aoe4 is out now on gamepass. And then it’s just not there. And then they say there’s no plans to bring it to console now. Like really? Now you tell us. Way to mislead everyone and make me pissed at you.

You can hook up mouse n keyboard to Xbox series x dude!! People are so dumb. It was supposed to be a Xbox exclusive not a PC exclusive. And it’s literally made by Xbox made for gamepass, they should be ashamed i.m.o… if they had plans to bring it console that’d be one thing. But they don’t even seem to care about that now. Unreal. Everytime I think Xbox is turning it around n giving me a nice good new game some b.s. misrepresentation happens. Bring it to next gen Xbox like you all said it would. Jeeze

Xbox is a brand, it’s no longer just the console, I am playing it on the “Xbox” app on my PC. I think it was clear for anyone paying attention it won’t be available on their consoles.

It’s going to take a while for people to get used to it but that’s just the way it is. Xbox doesn’t mean consoles anymore.

Microsoft have never said that the game would be coming to console. It’s always been perfectly clear that it’s PC exclusive. At no point as anyone labelled it “xbox exclusive”. References to the Game Pass usually take the form “Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC”.

The fact of the matter is that RTS has always been the domain of PC. From Microsoft’s perspective, it doesn’t make sense to invest time and resources into porting to xbox if it won’t sell well. From the PC player’s perspective, we’d rather it stay PC exclusive so that Relic spend their time developing and maintaining a single version of the game, instead of two.


Microsoft doesn’t allow games to be published that can’t be played with an Xbox controller.

Making AoE4 playable with an Xbox controller is nearly impossible.

I haven’t bought the game yet.
Please make it possible to play the game on my android phone because it looks like a mobile game.
I’ll buy it!
Petition for AOE4 on the phone!!!

Hey I hear you but the reason it was not obvious at all before the release is because literally most media outlets reported it would be releasing on PC and on Xbox consoles you can still read the articles saying that from a month ago. Everyone thought it was. My question is why mislead the media and fans. It just made me upset with all the reports about it coming to console. I know it’s a logo for gamepass now. Not just for console but how wasn’t this question addressed better or why wasn’t it asked and addressed better. It seems reduculous. And it’s be easy to play on series x. W a mouse n keyboard i.m.o… sorry I’ve just never seen them say a game is coming out on console and then it doesn’t. It’s weird and annoying. Stupid journalist. I want them held accountable for either lying or being totally incompetent

Post those articles and let’s see if it’s true

I took a quick Google search it turns out for the most part he’s right check for yourself gaming media has missed reported it on mass like what they did with mount and blade bannerlord

Ignore this guys nonsense

Providing they make it thoughtfully and use the council like they did for pc a console port to xbox would be a huge boon to the overall game and community everyone deserves to enjoy Age the way we do on pc especially giving how advanced the tech is on xbox and the growing library of both I depth and casual rts games appearing on it so it can be done, also mouse and keyboard support is now a thing with any brand of mouse and keyboard as far as I aware I use it for some games

There are some games you can use mouse and keyboard on. Cod is one of them iirc.

Xbox it seems is adding a lot of function to the Xbox. – I wouldnt be shocked if the next Xbox was windows 11 and just had a custom desktop.

I don’t see why they couldnt make AoE4 for the Xbox and make require that you use a keyboard and mouse to play with PC-- otherwise you’d be matched with consoles.

it might be feasible, but it could take a lot of effort that could be used to add civs and stuff like that. Maybe in a couple of years with a new expansion out and things like that…but I am not seeing it as of now

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